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Pregnancy Massage Brisbane, What is Pregnancy Massage?

Pregnancy Massage Brisbane, if you are looking for caring qualified pregnancy massage therapists in Brisbane CBD, Knead Massage can help.

Massage during pregnancy is designed to address the particular problems that arise for expectant mums throughout their pregnancy. Techniques are drawn from relaxation and remedial and modified to suit the physiological changes that occur to the body during pregnancy.

Draping and positioning of the body is also adjusted as the pregnancy progresses to ensure comfort for you and safety for the baby. A thorough intake is done so we are aware of any issues in this or previous pregnancies and contra-indications to massage are adhered to. All our therapists are trained and qualified.

pregnancy massage brisbane

What conditions can be treated with Pregnancy Massage?

neck and shoulder pain
rib pain and breathing restriction
sacral and lower back pain,
referred ligament pain,
aching legs
General stress and tension

pregnancy massage brisbane

What are the benefits of Pregnancy Massage?

Massage during pregnancy can be a huge support throughout your pregnancy, allowing you some time out along with help with the various aches and pains that naturally occur. Pregnancy can be an emotional and challenging time, massage can help you manage pain and stress and prepare for birth. A caring therapist provides a nurturing and supportive environment, and seeing the same therapist throughout your pregnancy means they get to know you, your body and your needs.

Reduces anxiety & aids in sleep
Stabilises hormonal changes & blood pressure
Reduces Oedema
Eases back, neck and shoulder pain and all joint and muscular conditions common to pregnancy
Provides support and some much needed time out

pregnancy massage brisbane


Massage 30
Remedial Therapist $55 $75 $89 $133
Senior Remedial Therapist $62 $82 $99 $145

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Is Pregnancy Massage safe?

Massage during pregnancy has a lot of benefits for both the baby and mother and is safe as long as the following points are adhered to.

  • A thorough intake is done including current health or pregnancy related issues, exercise, emotional state and any risk factors.
  • We position you correctly for your stage of pregnancy including bolstering and use of the correct equipment when necessary.
  • We respect contra-indications and monitor our progress
Can I claim Pregnancy Massage on my private health?

Yes you can as long as you have Remedial Massage as part of your private health coverage.
All Pregnancy massage is performed by our Remedial Massage therapists or Myotherapists. We use Remedial assessment
and techniques within the treatment. You you have more questions about claiming on private health click here.

Do you massage in the first trimester?

We will treat in the first trimester if you don’t fall into the high risk category. High risk factors include

  • Being over 35
  • Multiple babies
  • Obesity
  • Existing health conditions such as Diabetes and High Blood Pressure
  • Previous history of miscarriage

Should any of these factors be present we will assess and make a decision.

What training do your Brisbane Pregnancy Massage therapists have?

All therapists receive basic training in pregnancy massage within their massage training and also undergo in house training in Pregnancy Massage. Anna DawsonJo Lynagh and Gregor Hribar have undertaken separate courses in Pregnancy Massage. Our Myotherapists can also assist with pain and dysfunction.

Why use a Pregnancy Massage intake form?

We make sure we understand your history any presenting conditions and what you feel that you need from your treatment. All of these factors are taken into consideration when deciding on a treatment plan for your massage including positioning, turning, time spent on the table after the treatment and what we focus on during treatment. We discuss this plan with you so we know we are giving you what you need and doing it safely.

How do you position someone on the table?

After completing training with Pregnancy Massage Australia we have chosen to perform the majority of our pregnancy treatments in the side lying position. Some clinics use pregnancy treatment tables with a trapdoor and stretchy material that allows the mother to lie on her stomach. We prefer to place the body in the position that you would do so normally as we feel that this is preferable. However this is personal preference, some clients have had massage all through their pregnancy using these tables and have not reported any issues.

Our tables are cushioned with an extra layer of eggshell foam to ensure that there is no pressure on the hips whilst laying in this position. We prop up the knee so you are supported and use Dentons pillows to support the tummy and lower back.

What are Contra-indications of massage in pregnancy?

Contra-indications mean situations that indicate we should not massage, or we should do so with caution. The standard contraindications apply along with a couple of others that are pregnancy related. These are

DVT – Deep Vein Thrombosis – due to increased blood volume circulation can slow down and this increases the possibility of blood clots forming.

Systemic infection – issues such as Glandular fever, Ross River and Lupus.

Pitted Oedema – this can be a possible sign of preeclampsia. We would test the oedema and discuss this with you along with any other symptoms you may have.

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