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You can trust us to take care of your staff and your hip pocket so you can stop shopping around for corporate massage providers. Knead Massage has its foundations in corporate massage so we understand the unique requirements of a corporate massage program. We know you need it to happen quickly and easily, with as little input from you as possible. Flexible delivery options cater for a range of workplaces from small teams to call centres, for one off events to ongoing programs at your workplace or in our clinic. Whatever your team needs 🙂

On-site Corporate Massage delivery options

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Ergonomic Massage Chair

Our favourite! This is perfect for when you have some space to dedicate to massage. Massage chairs allow our therapists to move around the client and places them in a supported, ergonomic position. This lets us use more pressure to target those problem areas.


How much space do I need?
A small meeting room is usually perfect

How long will this massage go for?
From 12-30 minutes, with around 2 minutes for change over.

How many people does this cater to?
35 people max per day

What massage styles does this cover?
Relaxation or remedial, depending on the therapist and the client’s request.

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Normal Office Chair

Perfect for larger offices and call centres, outdoor events with lots of people and conferences. We can massage your team at their desks as they continue serving your customers. For conferences therapists can setup in your chosen location and provide delegates with some much needed neck and shoulder relief. 


How much space do I need?
Just your usual workstation, with enough space for the therapist to move freely behind the client.

How long will this massage go for?
5-8 minutes

How many people does this cater to?
We can massage around 12 people per hour, assuming a 4 minute massage with 1 minute to change clients.

What massage styles does this cover?
Relaxation only.

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Desktop Unit

A great solution for smaller spaces or large teams, the desktop unit sits on top of a normal-sized workstation so it doesn’t require much space. Therapists can move around your team and treat them at their workstation, saving time and allowing us to treat more people. Like the massage chair, it’s supportive and allows the therapist to use more pressure.


How much space do I need?
A normal workstation is usually fine

How long will this massage go for?
6 – 15 minutes

How many people does this cater to?
This depends on your requirements. A 5 minute massage with 1 minute of changeover means we massage around 10 people per hour.

What massage styles does this cover?
Relaxation to deep tissue, depending on the therapist and the client’s request.

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Why Choose Knead?

Massage – not just a rub

Ergonomic massage chairs & desktop units allow for a deeper treatment so we go beyond relaxation massage. We don’t just provide a rub, our treatments are effective and our therapists know how to give you a remedial style treatment in a massage chair.

Flexible delivery options

Flexible delivery options arrange a service for what your team needs. We can provide onsite and in clinic options or a combination. From small teams to large orgnisations.

Qualified trained therapists

Unlike some corporate massage provicers we know our therapists. We vett their skills provide training and know they can provide an excellent treatment.

Online booking for ongoing wellness programs

This takes the headaches out of booking staff Your team can book cancel their own appointments With reminders and calendar integration, it’s less hassle all round.

Here is what our clients have to say

I’d heard complaints from other staff who had used other corporate massage services. However I decided to give it a go and was pleasantly surprised. The staff were friendly and professional. Importantly for me I am able to stipulate areas that are causing me pain and stiffness and the masseuse will work on that area at the pressure I desire.

Even though it feels like a luxury it is affordable and I am able to fit it into my busy schedule. I find the overall experience relieves stress, is relaxing and refreshing. I very much look forward to my fortnightly massage and absolutely recommend this service.

H. Grab
McInnes Wilson Lawyers

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Give the gift of massage to your team or a client.

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Corporate Massage FAQs

Yes, we predominantly use Remedial Massage Therapists and some Cert 4 therapists who are studying Remedial Massage. We take all of our therapists through chair training and we have performed thousands of chair massages over the past 15 years.

If you are CBD based then our minimum is 2 hours, if you are in the suburbs it will be 2 – 3 hours depending on your location and the where our therapists are based.

Yes absolutely! If you are a cbd based client we can also provide a discount for your staff in our clinic. This has the bonus effect of helping your staff improve their health outside of work.

This depends on your budget, time and number of staff but we generally say that if you can afford it a 15 -20 min session is perfect. It allows time for the therapist to provide some post treatment advice and stretching or postural improvement handouts to help your team between treatments.

Yes! For clients with an ongoing booking we can provide online booking. This allows clients to put the booking in their calendar and they can manage the booking themselves cutting down work and hassle for your reception staff.

We have some clients where the company pays (and are of course loved for it) some where the staff and company each contribute and some where the staff pay. Once again up to you depending on budget. Ready to get started?

Request a quote, this gives us all the information we need to provide you with the right price and options.

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