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If you are looking for an experienced Brisbane Massage Therapist you are in the right place! Our caring, qualified Myotherapists can help with chronic pain conditions such as sciatica, tendonitis, rsi, postural imbalance & much more. Our Remedial therapists support sports performance & recovery, neck, shoulder back pain, knots & tension and pregnancy related pain. Our Lymphatic drainage therapists  relieve lymphoedema, support surgery recovery, boost immunity after illness and much more. Read more about our experience and qualified Brisbane Massage Team below.


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Senior Clinical Myotherapist

Liza – Myotherapist, Dry Needling, Senior Remedial Therapist, All Health Funds Covered

Following a functional medicine model of treatment, I look for underlying imbalances such as sleep, diet …

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Senior Clinical Myotherapist/Adv Remedial

Roger – Myotherapist, Dry Needling Senior Remedial Therapist, All Health Funds Covered

I am a sensitive and determined therapist. I am able to adopt my style to the needs of any clinical situation …

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Advanced Therapists

Elena – Remedial, Dry Needling, Sports, Lymphatic, Pregnancy, All Health Funds Covered

I effectively combine both remedial massage and physiotherapy techniques to assist with pain and muscle tension …

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Wang – Myotherapy, Dry Needling, Remedial & Sports Massage, All Health Funds Covered

I combine my knowledge as a personal trainer with Remedial & Myotherapy skills to eliminate pain, increase mobility and enhance performance …

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Remedial Therapists

Anna – Lymphatic, Pregnancy & Remedial, All Health Funds Covered

Having a combination of Remedial, Pregnancy, Lymphatic and Balinese technique …

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Makira – Remedial, Sports & Dry Needling, All Health Funds Covered

The aim of treatment is to relieve tension, decrease pain, and alleviate any stress you may be dealing with. I use specific …

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Gregor – Deep Tissue, Remedial, Reflexology, Lymphatic, All Health Funds Covered

As an experienced Remedial Massage Therapist with 12 years of experience. I can help with pain, knots and tension. When you need that feeling of “Good Pain,” I am the therapist for you.

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Nariel Scapin, Remedial & Lymphatic All Health Funds Covered

Identifying the causes of pain, providing support, and offering health education to clients are important aspects of my approach …

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Nola Welling, Remedial, Lymphatic, Pregnacy, All Health Funds Covered

I like to combine the analytical side of Remedial Massage with the intuitive flow of Ka Huna. Ka Huna uses long flowing …

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Tomomi Sunaga, Remedial, Hot Stone, Reflexology, Lymphatic

Everyone has different issues and conditions. Depending on communicating with you, I will choose a combination …

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Joanne Brennan

I am very passionate about helping clients that suffer from headaches/migraines and stress by using a combination of …

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