Nola Welling

Managing Director & Remedial Massage

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  • Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • Certificate Pregnancy Massage
  • Certificate Chair Massage
  • Ka Huna Level 3
  • Certificate Hot Stone
  • All Health Funds Available
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Google Reviews

I’ve been in a lot of pain for the last few days. When I decided to see someone here in Brisbane, whilst there for the weekend, I was able to book in to see Anna that day. She was a wonder and gave me lots of advice. 
Would highly recommend!


What are my treatments like?

I like to combine the analytical side of Remedial Massage with the intuitive flow of Ka Huna. Ka Huna uses long flowing strokes, limb movement and is generally firm but also very relaxing. It is a style that flushes the muscles and lymph as well as providing a deep treatment. You let your hands feel and move with the tension in the body.

Remedial provides a counterbalance through analytical assessment of muscle function, movement and restriction. I find that people respond well to a combined treatment as many are in pain and tight due to stress as well as physical reasons.

I believe that massage can be firm and a bit painful when needed and also soothing and relaxing in the same session. I always want a client to come out feeling more relaxed and centred than when they went in, but also feel that something useful happened for them. 

Who will benefit from my treatments?

Anyone in pain, stressed, depressed, anxious or feeling just generally tight and fatigued will benefit. I will assess and test, use Remedial techniques for specific pain and restriction including trigger point, mfr and met. Long deep strokes from Ka Huna help ease fascia, soothe the nervous system and promote the relaxation response. 

What do I love about massage?

I think that caring respectful touch is a very important part of good mental, emotional and physical health. I love seeing stress & pain leave a person and for them to walk out feeling as though they can cope better with the pressures of life. That is always a satisfying feeling.