Remedial Massage Brisbane Health Fund Rebates

We provide Health fund rebates for Remedial Massage

At Knead Massage & Natural Therapies all of our Remedial Massage Therapists and Myotherapists can provide Health Fund rebates for remedial massage. As long as you have Remedial Massage as part of your extras cover then we can provide a health fund rebate for you. We do this via Hicaps.

Not sure what HICAPS is?

HICAPS processes private health fund claims on the spot which means that when you come into our clinic, your claims are processed in real time! You can view their page here, and see if your fund is with them (most are)

We do need to use your health fund card to process the claim so make sure you have it on you, and our HICAPS machine tells us what your ‘gap payment’ is. The gap payment is the difference between the cost of the massage and how much your health fund gives you back.

E.g., If the treatment is $89 and your health fund insurance gave you a health fund rebate of $25, this means you only need to pay the gap payment of $64.

How can I pay the gap payment?

Our clinic accepts payment via savings, cash, credit card including AMEX.

How much do I get back?

The amount of money your health fund insurance gives you back is dependent on what your plan covers. Some funds give a set an amount and others give a percentage of the cost. To know the exact amount it is best to give your health fund a call. The amount can vary from $20 to the entire amount depending on how good your coverage is.

Some  funds do offer on spot quotation services via our HICAPS machine. This enables you to see how much your health fund will take off. We would need to swipe your card and we can tell you what your gap payment is. However, please keep in mind that not all health funds offer this option. The fastest way to find out exactly how much you will get back is to call your health fund.

Do I always get the same amount back?

It depends on your health fund and the way they set things up. Some funds may give a greater portion back on your first visit, or they may determine the amount of health fund rebate on your remedial massage on the length of the massage. This is why it always best to check with your fund.

I had a problem claiming with one of your therapists, can I still claim?

Sometimes issues happen. Here are the common reasons that may cause a problem claiming on hicaps

  • an issue with the internet connection at time of claiming
  • the membership fees have not been paid by the client,
  • the card expired,
  • there is an issue with the provider number of the therapist

If there is an issue with the internet connection we can give you a paper receipt. Likewise if your card has expired, or the membership fees are not up to date. Occasionally there can be an issue on our side, it is usually when therapists have just joined us and the health funds are updating their information. Some funds take longer to update their records than others. If there is ever a problem we will call the fund directly and follow it up. Then let you know and provide the receipt for you. We always want to ensure our provider numbers are current, and do everything we can to make sure this is the case. 

I have forgotten my Health Fund Card, can I still claim?

Yes no problem, we will give you a receipt with your Remedial Massage Therapists provider number on it for your health fund. Many funds have apps where you just need to login and put in the details of your treatment and the provider number of the therapist. Your health fund will then deposit the money back into your account.

If I don’t have my health fund card do I need to pay the full amount?

Yes you will need to pay the full amount for the treatment and then claim your rebate from your health fund as described above.

Can I claim for Myotherapy?

Yes, Myotherapy is often grouped in with Remedial Massage and is all processed using the same code on Hicaps.

HOWEVER, some funds have a separate pool of funds for Myotherapy. If this is the case you will want to claim directly with the fund for your Myotherapy treatments. It you are having Myotherapy then ask your fund if it is in the same pool as Remedial Massage or if it is separate. If they have a separate pool we can give you a paper receipt to claim directly with your fund. This way you will get the most our of your health fund coverage. Some funds do not make this clear to members, so if you get Myotherapy check with your fund.

Can I claim for Pregnancy & Sports Massage?

Yes, if your treatment is delivered by a therapist with a Diploma of Remedial Massage and you received a Remedial Massage treatment then you can claim. The definition of Remedial Massage is the assessment and treatment of pain and dysfunction. This means your treatment must involve assessment for pain and dysfunction and treatment using remedial techniques for the pain and dysfunction. The purpose of the treatment is to remedy pain and dysfunction, not provide a relaxation treatment.

I want to claim my treatments on my Corporate health allowance, can I get a receipt?

Yes no problem, just ask us and we will give you a receipt in clinic or by email with all the details on it. 

I want to claim on my travel insurance, can I get a receipt?

Yes no problem, just ask us and we will give you a receipt in clinic or by email with all the details on it.

I’ve lost some receipts, can you reissue them?

Yes we can up to a point. We changed our appointment software last year and therefore we can provide details from May 2020 onwards. Anything prior to that we can, however there will be a fee of $25 as we will need to search our archived data for the information.

I bought a Gift Voucher, can I claim on Private Health?

That depends. Is the gift voucher for yourself? If you have purchased a voucher for someone else then no, you can’t claim. if you have purchased it for yourself then at the time of the appointment just ask us to give you a paper receipt and you can claim with your health fund. Health fund rebates are for the people listed on your health insurance. As we won’t know who is using the voucher until they use it, then we can’t issue the receipt until that time.

Got another question not answered here?

Then give us a call on 3003 0801 and we will be happy to help! Or you can Contact us

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