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Energiser Lymphatic Massage Packs (3 pack) choose 60 or 90 Mins

Great for when you have had a period of illness, bloating, general fatigue with no real cause, lots of stress or just feeling average. Have 3 Lymphatic sessions booked no more than one week apart but for the best results, have a session every 2-3 days. We will show you how to dry brush between sessions to get your lymphatic system moving again and what to eat and drink to give you body a boost. Get some energy back into your life with the Energiser Pack!

60 mins


(Normally $330)

90 mins


(Normally $465)

Recovery Lymphatic Massage Packs (6 pack)

A must have after surgery, especially liposuction or surgery that has interrupted the lymphatic system or damaged nodes. Have a few treatments each week, or once per week depending on your needs. Great after childbirth involving cesarian, knee or hip operations, or when lymphoedema management has been lacking. Help drain fluid, reduce swelling, support the healing process or have a detox. The Recovery Pack will help you clear out your lymphatics, boost immunity and improve sleep and energy.

60 minutes


(Normally $660)

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Regeneration Lymphatic Massage Packs (9 pack)

Best after liposuction involving 3 or more areas, or when you have had repeated illness, surgery, fatigue, coolsculpting, gut issues and really want to focus on your health. Depending on your condition, your therapist may recommend starting with 2 sessions a week and will guide you on the best amount of sessions for your situation. Major surgery such as multiple areas of liposuction require regular treatments to support the body in the healing process and help you get the best results. This will boost recovery times, and your self confidence.

60 minutes


(Normally $990)