Lymphatic Massage helps to stimulate and drain the lymphatic system. There are various levels and forms of LM and you may have it for different reasons. For general health and improvement of light fluid retention, detox, cellulite or to help with recovery from illness you may have a general Lymphatic massage and/or Galvanic Spa.

For more serious Lymphatic issues including loss of lymph nodes, primary or secondary Lymphoedema, Lipodema you may choose Decongestive Lymphatic Drainage and if you are currently undergoing radiation or chemotherapy Oncology Massage would be the best choice.

  • Lymphatic Massage
  • Decongestive Drainage
  • Oncology Massage
  • Detox & Cellulite
  • Conditions & Preparations

What is the Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system is an essential system for strong immune function and consists of a network of delicate tubes, vessels and nodes. The lymphatic system collects waste produced by cells, along with bacteria and viruses. These substances pass through the lymphatic system and nodal areas where special cells called lymphocytes attack and kill viruses, bacteria and cancer cells.

Eventually the lymph is emptied back into the bloodstream via the thoracic duct under the collarbone area. It is then filtered by elimination organs such as liver, spleen and kidneys.

Why have Lymphatic Massage?

At times the lymphatic system struggles to drain fluid from the tissues properly and can become damaged or sluggish due to surgery, accident, illness or infection. Other factors such as lifestyle choices, diet and exercise can also affect the functioning of this important system. A sluggish lymphatic system means cellular waste is not being eliminated from your body efficiently. This can lead to:

Weight gain
Lowing immunity, repeated colds and flu
Increased inflammation, creating the environment for illness
Swollen glands, puffiness, bloating
Sinus infections
Skin issues, such as dry or itchy skin

What conditions are Lymphatic Drainage Massage for?

Short term fluid retention (oedema) especially helpful in pregnancy
As an aid to detox, including tattoo removal
As a support after liposuction
To improve the appearance of cellulite & tone the skin
Longer term fluid retention – lymphoedema
Lymph node removal and lymphoedema management
As part of surgery recovery
To support the immune system after illness
To support weight loss efforts and general health

What is involved in a Treatment?

Lymphatic Massage (LM) can be a general all over massage or specific areas can be focussed on depending on your goals. LM is excellent if you have had a period of illness, are feeling generally fatigued or stressed, want to boost your overall health or as part of a detox program. It is also beneficial during pregnancy especially in the later stages when oedema may be present. Oedema can cause you to feel sluggish, limbs can feel heavy and ache.

Lymphatic Massage is quite different from Remedial Massage. It is a light massage as the majority of lymph sits just under the surface of the skin. Diaphragmatic breathing is used to pump the lymph and the therapist stimulates the nodes to encourage drainage and then works close to the nodal area, moving away gradually so space is made for fluid to drain into. The treatment is gentle and relaxing and we use corn flour to create glide rather than oil. You will be gently wiped down with warm towels at the end of treatment.

How Many Treatments Should I Have?

General LDM can be a one off treatment but it is more effective if you have a series of 3 treatments reasonably close together. So over one week to 10 days is ideal. There are also steps you can take in between appointments to make the lymphatic drainage massage most effective. Please read these steps so you get the most out of your appointments.


Lymphatic Drainage Single Treatment 30
(Follow up appointments only)
$80 $98 $135

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What’s the difference between General Lymphatic Massage and Decongestive Lymphatic Drainage?

Glad you asked! General Lymphatic Massage can be used for oedema caused by all sorts of issues from poor diet, lack of movement, surgery etc. It can be a one off massage or a series of treatments. It can also be used for Lymphoedema if you are just requiring a general drain. For example you may have some Lymphoedema due to node removal and need a drain every now and again when lymph builds up.

Decongestive is for more complicated Lymphoedema issues and can involve compression bandaging, compression garments and a series of treatments. It is used for a more chronic situation that may not have been treated or managed and needs some more intensive treatment to get the size of limbs down and the lymphatic system functioning well again. It may involve taking measurements, before and after photos and a series of treatments. You may also be encouraged to get fitted for a compression garment to help the issue on a day to day basis.

I’ve had lymph nodes removed, will General Lymphatic Drainage work for me?

If you have had nodes removed you will probably have Lymphoedema. However it depends on the severity, what you want to gain from a treatment and how you are managing it. We can provide one off treatments that will provide some benefit in the short term, over the long term it helps to have a regular treatment. You may benefit more from a Decongestive Lymphatic Drainage series if the condition is chronic and has not been managed before.

Lymphatic Massage Package Prices

Package 1

$264 00

(SAVE $30.00)

3 x 60 Minute Lymphatic Drainage Massages

Dry Brush and skin brushing article and demonstration

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Package 2

$520 00

(SAVE $68.00)

6x 60 Minute Lymphatic Drainage Massages

Dry Brush and skin brushing article and demonstration

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What is Decongestive Drainage?

Decongestive Drainage treatments are a specific treatment for people suffering from Lymphoedema or Lipodema. You may have a one off treatment or a series of treatments depending on the severity of your issue and your goals.

Decongestive treatments differ from Lymphatic Massage as there will be a specific area that will be the focus, and treatments may involve the use of a lymphatic pump, compression bandaging, and/or compression stockings. For more serious issues we will take measurements and before and after photos so you can see progression.

What is Lymphoedema?

Lymphoedema is swelling of the body especially the limbs and can be either primary or secondary in nature. Primary lymphoedema is something that is hereditary and the cause can often be unknown. It may be present at birth and this is called congenital lymphedema, or it can present in teenage years or in pregnancy and this is attributed to hormonal changes in the body.

Primary lymphedema is not at this stage curable, so the symptoms need to be managed by a Lymphoedema therapist.

Secondary Lymphoedema

Secondary lymphoedema is lymphoedema created by a known cause and the following things can create this condition

Heart attacks and strokes
Post-surgery from an accident
Cancer and node dissection

What is involved in treatment?

If you feel comfortable it is best if you disrobe completely as underwear can impede the lymphatic drainage process. However if you are uncomfortable with this you can leave your underwear on. You will be appropriately draped at all times throughout your treatment process.

Your condition and treatment goals will be discussed and a treatment plan created for you.

Anna will explain the treatment plan, should you only want a one off treatment this will not be necessary.

Bandaging & Compression garments

Should you condition  warrant a series of sessions, your treatment may involve compression garments and/or bandages being applied. Before and after photos, and limb measurements may be taken to check the efficacy of treatment.

Your Decongestive therapist Anna Dawson will also take into account skin health and diet and provide you with at home strategies to manage your condition. It is recommended that those with lymph node removal or conditions that will not improve manage their symptoms with regular treatments.


Decongestive Lymphatic Drainage Initial Treatments 1.5
3hr Pack
1.5 hrs
$135 $375
(Save $30)

*Bandaging costs additional

To Book

Please call 07 3003 0801 to book as All Initial appointments are 1.5 hours, as your therapist needs to take a full health history, assess you and understand your needs and goals. As you may be on on medications or have certain health issues it is important that we speak to you before your treatment as some conditions are contraindicated for decongestive drainage.

Once you have made your booking you will be required to fill out the Client History form before your treatment so your therapist has time to look over your health history and prepare for your appointment.


How many treatments do I need to have?

This depends on your situation and is why you need to book a 1.5 hr treatment so your therapist can fully assess your needs. Unless your lymphoedema is mild you would expect to have at least 3 treatments to get a reduction in limb size and to stimulate your lymphatic system and drain properly.

I am on medications, can I have Decongestive Lymphatic Drainage?

Decongestive Drainage may exacerbate the intensity of some medications, so if you are on medications then you will need to speak to the therapist before commencing treatment.

Do I need a Dr’s permission?

If you have just completed radiation or chemotherapy, had an infection or have a serious health issue that is unrelated to lymphatic conditions it is best to seek your Dr’s approval for treatment.

Is the therapist trained?


Anna has completed a Certificate of Decongestive Drainage Lymphoedema Academy of Australia

What is Oncology Massage?

There are a lot of questions and some myths around massage therapy and cancer. Oncology Massage is the adaptation of a remedial treatment given to an individual with cancer or a history of cancer. It is a gentle, relaxing and nurturing treatment. Oncology Massage safely addresses the needs of a cancer patient with a specialised therapist who understands the science and pays close attention to the physical, emotional and psychological needs of the client. If you are looking for cancer massage therapy, a trained Oncology therapist is the right choice.

What is involved in a treatment?

An oncology massage is performed in a similar way to any other remedial massage treatment. The session will run for approximately 60 minutes and during this time the therapist will ask you a series of questions specifically related to your experience with cancer and treatment.

A treatment plan will be devised for you and performed in a manner that suits your current needs. The massage is lighter in pressure than a remedial treatment and focuses is on creating a supporting and nurturing environment for the client.

Who will it benefit?

Oncology massage is of benefit to anyone currently dealing with a cancer diagnosis at any stage. This includes a patient who is receiving chemo or radiation therapy, who has recently had surgery or seeking adjunct psychological support through touch therapy.

The benefits of this massage also continue post-cancer. It is particularly helpful in the prevention of lymphoedema if nodes have been removed, as well as being an effective treatment for lymphoedema.

Even though the focus of this form of massage is cancer therapy, anyone who is quite ill, frail or low in vitality would benefit from its nurturing techniques. It is a beneficial treatment for the elderly.

Are you qualified to perform an Oncology Massage?

Yes, our Senior Remedial Therapist Jo Lynagh has completed training through Oncology Massage Training which is a registered charity and not for profit. They are dedicated to training qualified massage therapists to safely and effectively perform cancer massage therapy and treat individuals with a diagnosis or history of cancer. The aim of this training body is to ensure national benchmarks and standards of care are met by its graduates.

The four-module program is based on a program that has been running for more than 10 years in the United States. This training provides therapists with the awareness and expertise to modify a typical remedial massage taking into consideration the client’s health history and contra-indications.

To find out more, visit their website:

Jo Lynagh

Senior Remedial, Oncology and Lymphatic Therapist


Jo Lynagh 30
$60 $80 $98
How to book an Oncology Treatment Online

Step 1 – Go to Mindbody (insert button) and either login to your existing account or create an account.

Step 2 – Choose Oncology Massage under the Appointments Tab & book your preferred day and time

Step 3 – Return to this page and complete our Oncology Client Intake Form

Please complete your form prior to your appointment. This way your therapist will be aware of any special needs you have and be able to prepare appropriately. They may wish to call you to discuss your needs prior to your appointment. You can also call us on 3003 0801.


Is there any Medical research to support Oncology Massage?

Research shows that cancer massage therapy is effective for symptom management and improving quality of life for people diagnosed with cancer or with a history of cancer diagnosis. It helps to reduce side effects experienced from conventional treatment as well as symptoms produced by the disease process itself.

Cassileth and Vickers, 2004 state that the following symptoms improved following oncology massage:

  • Pain Improved 47%
  • Fatigue Improved 42%
  • Anxiety Improved 59%
  • Nausea Improved 51%
  • Depression Improved 48%
  • Other (including shortness of breath, memory problems, dry mouth or disturbed sleep) improved 48%

Can I claim on private health?

The 60-minute specialised cancer massage therapy costs $98 and is available to claim on your Private Health Insurance as a Remedial Massage as it is an adapted remedial treatment. As long as you have Remedial Massage as part of your extras cover you will be able to claim. To find out how much you will get back please call your health fund and check.

Do I need permission from my Doctor?

If you are currently undergoing chemotherapy or radiation we ask that you gain permission from your GP, RN or your specialist. If you are not undergoing treatment then you don’t need to do this.

Can I have treatment whilst having chemo or radiation?

Yes, massage therapy for cancer can be performed at any stage of your cancer diagnosis and will be adjusted to suit your specific needs at the time.

Do I need to provide any paperwork from my Doctor? If so, what?

It is not necessary, however useful information would be: type of cancer; surgeries; treatment; date of diagnosis and timeline of treatment.

How does Oncology Massage differ from Lymphatic Drainage Technique?

Whilst there are similarities between Oncology Massage and LDM the aim of the treatment is not to focus only on the lymphatic system, instead it is to provide a holistic massage. Oncology massage focuses not only on the physiology of the client but also on the psychology. An Oncology therapist will have done specific training for this modality which is more advanced than a general LDM therapist. However once you have passed the treatment stage and if nodes have been removed you could also see a Decongestive Lymphatic Therapist  if you need very specific lymphatic drainage treatment.

Can I still have a treatment if have a port; colostomy bag or sensitive skin?

Yes, treatment can be performed at any stage of your cancer diagnosis and will be adjusted to suit your specific needs at the time. If you have a port, colostomy bag or sensitive skin please inform us prior to your visit.

Do you use oil as part of the massage? What are the alternatives if I have a nut allergy?

Sweet Almond Oil is used as part of our massages, however if you do have an allergy to nuts we have alternatives such as coconut oil, premax or cornstarch. Please advise of any allergies BEFORE coming to treatment.

What is a Galvanic Current?

This safe, painless and extremely effective treatment gives you the chance to create the same kind of results you would expect from expensive skin treatments in beauty salons at home for a fraction of the cost. 

Galvanic current was discovered by the 18th-century Bolognese electrical pioneer Luigi Galvani. Galvanic current is a low-level, continuous current that flows in one direction, known as direct current (DC), it’s used to electrically infuse medication into the skin as well as draw out impurities.

Galvanic treatments employ this low-level direct current to achieve many benefits to the skin, such as:

  • Delivering ingredients deep into the epidermis
  • Opening up pores and softening blackheads
  • Moving tissue fluid aiding in lymph drainage
  • Reinvigorating cells
  • Firming and hydrating skin
  • Decreasing the depth of lines and wrinkles
  • Decreasing puffiness and redness

How exactly does it work?

The Galvanic Current is delivered through a hand held device. Used in conjunction with polarized gels or creams  that deliver specific outcomes for the body area being treated. This means ingredients are either pulled into or repelled from the skin depending on the polarization of the gels. By using Galvanic Current you can create a deep cleanse for the skin and also deliver essential nutrients and key anti aging ingredients deep into the epidermis.


The Galvanic Face Spa

The first polarized gel draws out old cells, debris and excess oil preparing the skin for the delivery of nutrients. The second gel delivers age defying  ingredients to increase firmness, stimulate cells, increase hydration and stimulate the epidermis. 

The result is more radiant, firmer skin with a decrease in the depth and appearance of lines and wrinkles, a decrease in puffiness and redness, and firmer younger looking skin. This effect will only be achieved with regular at home use of at least 3 times per week for a minimum of 6 weeks and using the gels and skin care designed specifically for these devices.

See the results

Galvanic Body Spa

The Galvanic Body Spa can decrease the appearance of skin dimpling and cellulite, smooth and tone skin and create firmer looking skin. These results are best achieved by performing a combination of  dry skin brushing, the application of the device 3 times a week and the application of the appropriate creams as instructed for a minimum of six weeks.

These results were achieved with a minimum of 3 treatments a week over a 6 week period.


Book a demonstration

To book a demonstration give us a call on 07 3003 0801, cost is free with purchase of a device, without purchase demonstrations are $40 and take 30 minutes. They include, use of all creams, dry brushing article and self lymphatic drainage instruction.

If you have any skin allergies, heart conditions, pacemaker then you will not be able to receive this treatment. It is safe for rosacea.



Feeling tired, having digestive issues or lethargy, struggling with anxiety or depression? Not able to do what you used to?

Life can get busy and an accumulation of stress, lack of exercise, poor diet can leave us feeling lethargic, anxious, depressed or just not as enthusiastic as we used to be. Sometimes we get to the point where we need to take some time out to focus on getting ourselves back on track, we need to hit the reset button.

A gentle detox and Recovery Package could be just what you need.

Recovery Package

Let us help you get back on your feet.

Our Recovery package is a great beginning if you have been through a period of illness, surgery or are feeling very fatigued. This is a gentle way to help support your lymphatics, cleanse waste and help boost your immune system. This is a basic level of Detox designed to support Lymphatics and for you to be able to do through your normal working week.


  • 3 x 60 Minute Lymphatic Drainage Massages with Galvanic Spa
  • Dry brush and skin brushing article
  • Detox tea created by our Naturopath

Epsom salts

Lymphatic Drainage treatments drain the lymphatic system transporting cellular waste and supporting immune function. Dry skin brushing each day increases the effectiveness of the LDM treatments as does the Epsom Salt baths and Detox tea. Galvanic Spa helps in the drainage process and provides tone and nutrients to the skin.

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Getting the Most out of your Program

In between treatments

Detox tea is a wonderful mix of 8 herbs specifically chosen  for their ability to support the detoxification pathways of our bodies such as the liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal system.

Epsom Salts aid the body in flushing toxins and heavy metals from the cells, easing muscle pain and helping the body to eliminate harmful substances. Dry skin brushing stimulates the lymphatics, tones and exfoliates the skin,

Gentle self-drainage massage each day in the shower helps drain the lymph that you have stimulated via dry skin brushing. We will demonstrate how to perform dry skin brushing and self-lymphatic drainage massage in between treatments. You will get the most out of your program by having your treatments within  7 – 10 days of each other, not drinking alcohol, having lemon water to help support the liver and eating a predominantly vegetarian diet and performing the skin brushing and self-drainage we show you.

You will also benefit by reading and following our instructions on how to prepare for your Lymphatic Drainage Treatments.

We recommend checking with your GP before beginning any detox programs


Meet your therapists

Jo Lynagh

Remedial Massage Therapist

Anna Dawson

Remedial Massage Therapist

Gregor Hribar

Remedial Massage Therapist

Tattoo Removal

The term laser tattoo removal is a bit misleading because the laser therapy does not actually remove your tattoo. Laser therapy shatters the pigment in your skin into smaller pieces allowing your lymphatic system to get rid of the ink particles.

After laser sessions people can experience various side effects such as nausea, fatigue and dizziness. Your lymphatic system has to work hard to remove the ink from your tissues, and if it is not functioning well before you start the removal process this can increase your side effects. Lymphatic massage the day of or day after your tattoo removal session will increase the effectiveness of the tattoo removal and help you recover from any symptoms faster.

Most removals will require anywhere from 6 to 10 sessions. We suggest before you start you prepare your tattoo removal you prepare you lymphatic system (see our preparing for treatment guide). Then have lymphatic drainage after the first 3 removal sessions. As this will be the time where the largest amount of ink will be moving back into your system. See our 3 or 5 Package.

Liposuction support

After liposuction you will experience post surgical lymphedema and a hardness or lumpiness in the area. This is normal due to the trauma created by the cannula (the instrument used to remove fat) moving under the skin. Tunnels are created by the cannula that may fill up with fluid, also swelling occurs due to the trauma in the area. Lymphatic drainage will move this fluid back to the nodes decreasing discomfort.

Without drainage this inflammation can turn into fibrosis which is a permanent hardening of the tissue. You may also have pockets of serum (called a seroma).Lymphatic drainage helps you to get the best possible results from your liposuction procedures. We recommend a series of 3 treatments after surgery, and best results are achieved if you follow our guidelines between treatments and have your treatments 2-3 days apart.

Illness and Fatigue

Repeated illness and fatigue can be caused by a huge amount of issues. However if you have eliminated anything serious LM can help boost your immune system especially after repeated bouts of illness and antibiotic use.

A series of 3 treatments close together along with some gentle yoga,dry skin brushing and a healthy diet will cleanse your system, support other organ function and help you feel more energised. You will need to follow our guidelines closely for best results.

Weight Loss

Lymphatic drainage massage will not remove fat. What it will do is help to stimulate your lymphatic system. Even if you are active sometimes nodes can become blocked and hard. LM will help your system function more efficiently, lessening the load on other organs such as Liver. Your liver is one of the most important organs when it comes to weight loss.

Where LM can be helpful is relieving fluid retention, this can lead you to feel lighter and physically better. However this retention may return if you do not address underlying causes such as diet and exercise. LM should be seen as an adjunct to weight loss efforts not as a solution.

Preparing for treatment & what to do between Lymphatic Treatments

To make the most out of your treatments please do the following:

  • Arrive at your appointment well hydrated. Dehydration will severely impair your ability to detoxify and may make you feel unwell.
  • You will always undress to your level of comfort, we do ask if you are comfortable to remove all clothing as tight underwear and underwire bras restrict lymph flow and the effectiveness of treatment. You will always be draped appropriately and your privacy respected. If you want to keep any clothing on, please ensure it is as loose as possible.
  • Drainage may be performed in the abdominal area so eat a few hours beforehand and try to eat lightly.
  • Don’t apply moisturiser on the day of treatment. It’s best to have clean dry skin so we get the best stretch response, this is an essential part of LDM.
  • Your liver will be responsible for detoxifying a lot what the lymphatic system collects so please support it before your session by abstaining from alcohol. You can also drink lemon juice in warm water for a few days beforehand to give your liver a boost.
  • LDM massage moves lymph into the bloodstream so toxins and waste can be eliminated, so it is best to have a period of gentle movement after your treatment. A gentle walk or light yoga class or swim are great options. If you are interested in yoga see our Detox & Yoga Package
  • Once you have had your treatment and some gentle movement plan for a period of rest. Your body will be doing some housekeeping and the best way to support it is to rest and eat lightly. Prepare some food such as soup before treatment so you can come home and relax. You may also want to purchase some of our Detox Tea blend.


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