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Golfers Elbow Brisbane – If you are suffering from a sharp pain in your elbow you may have Golfer’s Elbow (Medial Epicondylalgia). This is a common RSI (repetitive strain injury) to the muscles that flex the wrist and fingers called a tendinopathy. People with Golfer’s Elbow symptoms usually Google “sharp pain in elbow” or “inner elbow pain”.

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Golfer’s Elbow Brisbane – What shouldn’t you do?

  • Golfer’s elbow pain should resolve by itself over 18-24 months.
  • Golfer’s elbow pain can be rapidly resolved with manual therapy, low level laser and specific golfer’s elbow exercises.
  • Don’t waste money masking symptoms with cortisone (which makes golfer’s elbow last longer) or ineffective clinicians – get expert treatment to help resolve golfer’s elbow in weeks – not months.
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What’s Golfer’s elbow?

  • Golfer’s elbow is a common RSI (repetitive strain injury) to the muscles that flex the wrist and fingers called a tendinopathy
  • The injury and pain occurs on the bony prominence (Medial Epicondyle) on the inside of the elbow where the forearm muscles attach and suffer small tears.
  • The collagen fibres of the tendon become suffer small tears after an initial “overload moment” and this begins a process of increasing irritability. 
  • Golfer’s Elbow usually starts by performing an unaccustomed repetitive task. 

Where does Golfer’s elbow hurt?

  • Typically – Golfer’s Elbow causes pain on the inside of the elbow joint and forearm when performing gripping tasks, or resisting wrist/finger flexion.
  • Pain may be gradual or occur after a single unfamiliar physical activity.
  • Pain usually occurs when the muscles are stretched – extending the fingers and wrist.
  • The sharp pain in elbow, is felt at the anchor point of the muscles – the tendon -which attaches to the bony part of the elbow.
  • Usually there will also be tender spots in the central part of the muscle in the flexor muscles and triceps.
  • It is not uncommon for people with Golfers Elbow symptoms to have neck pain and tenderness – as well as irritation of the median nerve of the forearm.
  • Nerve pain may occur (shooting pain) in instances of golfer’s elbow with neck involvement

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What should you do about Golfer’s elbow?

  • Stop or reduce the irritating task
  • Studies have shown that manual therapy and exercise combined with dry needling has improved outcomes for individuals with golfer’s elbow.
  • Studies have shown a marked increase in pain free grip strength tasks in individuals with golfer’s elbow receiving low and high powered laser treatments.
  • Ergonomics adjustments (especially if computer use is a factor)
  • The best method for desensitizing and re-strengthening the sensitive elbow tendon is with specific golfer’s elbow exercises. Your Myotherapist will show you how to perform these elbow exercises, while also providing videos of the exercises and written instructions with diagrams.

How to fix Golfer’s elbow fast?

Golfer’s Elbow Assessment by a qualified Myotherapist  is simple and pain free.

Myotherapy has been shown to be effective in the management and recovery of Golfer’s elbow and inner elbow pain by:

  • Reducing pain and sensitivity.
  • Strengthening the tissues.
  • Improving the range of motion and function of the elbow.
  • Reduction of neck impingement that is masking as or exacerbating Golfer’s Elbow symptoms.
  • Restoring confidence in the challenged joint.

How will a Myotherapist perform Golfer’s Elbow therapy?

At Knead Myotherapy we will ascertain the source of your pain and use tests to rule out other problems. For pain relief we will use:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Golfers elbow is a class of injury known as a tendinopathy. There are a number of conditions that are just called tendinopathy now days including, tendonitis, tendinosis and enthesopathy.

The primary risk factor for Golfer’s Elbow is performing an unaccustomed task repetitively.  The fibres of the tendon become angry after an “overload moment” – this begins a process of increasing irritability in the tendon.  Repetitive tasks – especially with a compressive element – increase the irritability.

Absolutely! The sooner you consult with a myotherapist the quicker the symptoms will resolve. Tendinopathy, like Golfers elbow responds very well to specific loading exercises and manual therapy techniques to reduce irritability in the muscle and joint.

Left alone, 90% of Golfers elbows will resolve within two years. 10% of Golfers elbows will become chronic and degenerative if left untreated. If you have had elbow symptoms for 4-6 weeks, you could usually expect symptoms to resolve within 6-12 weeks. The older the irritation, the longer it will take to resolve.

People with Golfer’s Elbow commonly Google “sharp pain in elbow” or “inner elbow pain”. The pain is described as a sharp burning sensation in the elbow.

The best way to reduce Golfer’s elbow pain is with appropriate exercises for your unique injury. Golfers Elbow exercises work to both quickly reduce pain to strengthen the tissues around the joint. Your myotherapist will also use Cold Laser to reduce pain and improve healing, joint mobilisations and massage techniques to reduce the irritability in the connected muscles.

It is possible that neck pain can cause Golfers elbow and shoulder pain. It is unlikely that the elbow will directly cause the pain in the shoulder, however, protecting the elbow may cause you to move in a way that insults the shoulder.

It is more likely that neck pain is causing the Golfers elbow and shoulder pain that radiates down the arm. It is unlikely that the elbow will be causing the pain in the upper arm, but possible if you are moving in a way that protects the elbow, but irritates the shoulder and arm.

Absolutely. Wrist pain is a common symptom of golfers elbow.

Golfers elbow is a tendinopathy. The tendon can become more and less irritable depending on what activities you are performing. The best way to ensure that Golfers elbow becomes a memory is to consult with a myotherapist and learn how to manage the pain while strengthening the joint.

90% of tendinopathies such as golfers elbow will resolve within 2 years. It is considerably faster to get your elbow pain treated by a professional.

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