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Need help with your Arm Pain in Brisbane?

  • Early forearm pain is frequently overcomplicated by clinicians – resulting in treatment becoming long-standing and expensive.
  • In Brisbane, computer related forearm pain is on the rise – as many people are working from home.
  • Don’t let simple muscular overload become a true overuse syndrome – address the causes early. Forearm muscle overload can happen to anyone and frequently results in overuse syndromes such as Carpal tunnelRSI and tennis elbow.

We understand how frustrating chronic arm pain is. We want you to get better.  This article describes common causes of forearm pain and how a Myotherapist will use techniques like massage, low level laser, electro dry needling and corrective exercise to quickly solve your problem and keep your pain away. 

At Knead Myotherapy Brisbane – we frequently resolve long standing arm pain in only 2 or 3 sessions in individuals who have had:

  • painful and invasive testing for muscular compartment syndrome
  • numerous cortisone injections
  • nerve blocking procedures for arm pain

Forearm Pain – What shouldn’t you do?

  • Forearm pain may resolve with rest and anti-inflammatory medicines. However if your symptoms last more than a week – it’s time to get assessed by an expert clinician.
  • Cortisone is ineffective for muscular overload – the most common early forearm pain – don’t waste time and money.
  • Don’t waste money getting multiple shots of cortisone – Cortisone is only effective for one major arm RSI – tenosynovitis. Cortisone is actually harmful for golfers elbow, tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Chiropractors can be useful for arm pain that originates from the neck – but if you don’t feel immediate relief that lasts from a chiropractor – the neck is not the cause of your pain.
  • Don’t rush to muscle compartment testing – the tests are excruciatingly painful, expensive and compartment syndromes in the arms are relatively rare.
  • Before you consider any kind of surgery for an overload syndrome – try Myotherapy first.

Why does arm pain happen?

Several structures in the forearms typically become aggravated from overuse including:

  • muscles
  • nerves
  • tendons
  • synovium (a fluid filled membrane between tendon and bone that can become inflamed)

The extensors – Mouse Arm Syndrome:

Frequent computer users commonly experience pain on top of the forearm (the extensor muscles) from muscular overload – which can lead to inflammation and tendon insult.

Extensor overload commonly contribute to Tennis Elbow.

The flexors:

Pain that occurs on the underside of the arm (the flexor muscles) can also happen with computer use, but is often associated with grip activities, such as:

  • driving
  • tool use
  • body weight exercises
  • carrying heavy things

Flexor overload commonly contributes to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, tenosynovitis and Golfers Elbow.

What are the symptoms of arm pain Brisbane?

  • Night pain
  • Tenderness
  • Muscle inflammation (more general pain)
  • Muscle spasm, pain or twitching from computer use
  • Muscle weakness (for example loss of grip strength)
  • Limited movement
  • Redness, warmth or swelling
  • Numbness and tingling in the hands/fingers
  • Local muscle pain (pinpoint[s] of pain)
  • Shooting pain down into the forearm and fingers
  • Shoulder, arm, hand, wrist or finger pain

What can cause arm pain?

  • Overuse syndromes (Muscular overuse, RSItennis elbow, carpal tunnel, golfers elbow, tenosynovitis and compartment syndromes)
  • Fractures and sports injuries (sprains and tears)
  • Pinched nerves (often associated with overuse syndromes, thoracic outlet syndrome, cervical radiculopathy [pinched nerve in neck] and compartment syndromes)
  • accidents (gross trauma)
  • infection
  • benign growth (cysts and tumours’)

Common RSI’s of the forearm:


The synovial sheath is a fluid filled membrane that wraps around a tendon and reduces friction between the tendon and bone. Inflammation of the synovial fluid can occur after tendon injury or after sudden increase in workload (unaccustomed gardening, moving house, using tools after a long time off) can result in irritation, causing inflammation.


The elbow is where the muscles that move your wrist and fingers attach. Unaccustomed overuse of the wrist and forearm from gripping may cause irritation where the tendon attaches to the boney prominences of the elbow. The two major tendinopathies of the elbow are:

  • Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylalgia) an irritation of the outer elbow tendon.
  • Golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylalgia) an irritation of the inner elbow.

These conditions are painful and result in forearm weakness. A myotherapist will treat the soft tissue to reduce muscular irritation and find the right exercises to take away pain.

How arm pain Brisbane is treated?

That depends on the condition.  Most forms of forearm pain will require some sort of corrective exercise to reduce pain.   Muscular overload such as Mouse arm syndrome needs stretches as opposed to strengthening.  At Knead Myotherapy Brisbane a typical treatment for overloaded forearm muscles involves:

  • Low Level laser to reduce muscle tone and inflammation (especially tenosynovitis)
  • Deep tissue massage to improve pain free movement
  • Electro dry needling – to reduce neural inflammation and muscular tone (unparalleled results for muscular overload)
  • Ergonomics adjustments to reduce stress on the arms
  • Appropriate stretches so you can maintain your pain free status
  • Depending on the condition – an exercise you can do that reduces pain immediately

Symptoms that might indicate a serious condition:

  • Paralysis
  • Sudden, intense pain in the forearm
  • Bones protruding from the skin
  • bleeding




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