Mortons Neuroma Treatment Brisbane

Mortons Neuroma Brisbane

Mortons Neuroma Brisbane, What is a Mortons Neuroma?

Are you searching for effective Mortons Neuroma Treatment in Brisbane? A Morton’s Neuroma is a class of nerve irritation known as a perineural fibrosis (swollen, inflamed and damaged).

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It is a painful condition affecting the ball of the foot.  Morton’s Neuroma pain is most likely to flare – along with associated numbness and tingling from walking, bearing weight on your toes and high heel shoes.

Mortons Neuroma Treatment Brisbane

How does it happen?

A Morton’s Neuroma occurs when the sheath surrounding the nerve of the toes thickens from repetitive trauma such as over stretching/loading and compression.

In the majority of cases – the nerve irritation occurs between the 3rd and 4th toes.  Women are particularly susceptible to the symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma. If you are middle-aged you are more likely to experience Morton’s Neuroma pain.

What does a Mortons Neuroma feel like?

Sharp, intermittent pain is the most obvious early symptom of Morton’s Neuroma. It is often described as “a burning pain in the ball of the foot” or “walking on a rock”.

As the fibrosis worsens, numbness, tingling and other sensory disturbance in the toes will become more aggravated.

It is possible for people to have no symptoms of a Morton’s Neuroma – while imaging reveals the presence of a fibrosis.

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What should you do if you have Mortons Neuroma?

Do not avoid getting treatment.  Early Myotherapy treatments and podiatry can resolve Morton’s Neuroma symptoms easily.

Footwear modifications – consultation with a podiatrist is essential for long standing Morton’s Neuroma symptoms.  Metatarsal domes are shock absorbing bubble wrap for the ball of the foot – and they are extremely effective at reducing irritation in between the toes.

What shouldn’t you do if you have Mortons Neuroma Pain?

Don’t wear shoes that are too tight or have a high heel.  Morton’s neuroma is usually caused by tight shoes that compress the toes and or high heels – which force high levels of pressure onto the ball of the foot – creating ideal conditions to damage the nerves.

What’s involved in Mortons Neuroma Treatment in Brisbane?

Mortons Neuroma treatment Brisbane involves a number of easy solutions.

Manual Therapy techniques such as Remedial Massage and Myofascial Release can be extremely potent at reducing neural tension and the symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma pain – simply by reducing muscle tension.

Cold Laser Therapy can be used to alter inflammation and increase the healing responses of the nerves – resulting in a more rapid reduction of the symptoms Morton’s Neuroma.

Electro needling is profoundly effective at reducing numbness and improving blood flow to the nerves.  Best responses are obtained by improving circulation in the nerves of the leg – such as the tibial nerve and the peroneal nerve.  Studies indicate that participants may receive up to 3 months reduction in Morton’s Neuroma pain after an electro needling intervention – this is in accord with our observations.

It is possible to reduce long term symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma pain and numbness in a rapid fashion.  Our Morton’s Neuroma treatments combines manual therapies, patient education, low level laser and electro needling.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are plenty of ways to resolve mortons neuroma pain quickly. We have had consistently good results in under 5 treatments using myotherapy techniques such as Cold Laser, Electro needling and massage to the calves – it is important to find the most appropriate footwear for your presentation.

Appropriate footwear and myotherapy techniques that improve the blood flow of the nerve – rapidly reducing swelling, inflammation and pain. Some neuromas are non-operable – we’ve had good results with them. Ultrasound guided cortisone is another non-surgical intervention – many people we have treated have had cortisone without success.

In the early stages of a neuroma symptoms may only occur intermittently. But when an aggravation to the nerve becomes severe enough that it occurs several times a month or the pain doesn’t really go away the inflammation in the nerve is unlikely to reduce without an intervention.

The usual sequence of events is that the inter digital swelling increases – leading to more severe numbness and tingling, worsening pain and movement avoidance. The neuroma is likely to increase in size and irritation which will affect what you can and can’t do more and more.

Different strategies work for different presentations. We have had profound success by using cold laser to help the nerve inflammation dissipate and electro needling to improve blood flow to the nerve. We have found this quickly leads to pain resolution.

Definitely not. The swelling is a nerve between the toes that has suffered repeated insult – usually from toe walking or high heels.

Using myotherapy techniques such as Cold Laser, Electro needling and massage to the calves – as well as finding the most appropriate footwear and toe domes.

Swelling is an early symptom of an irritation in the neuromal bursal complex. The common sequence is sudden pain, swelling and then eventual numbness and increasing pain.

This is incredibly variable. Assuming you are wearing appropriate footwear and are getting treatments close together – Myotherapy solutions usually occur within 5 treatments. It will be clear after the first treatment if your pain is reducing.

Morton’s neuroma does not show up on x-ray. The best imaging tools would be Ultrasound or MRI.

The scientific literature says that an ultrasound guided cortisone shot is effective in approximately 30-40% of neuromal insults. The people that present here have usually had multiple cortisone injections without positive results.

When neuromal symptoms are flared, the ideal neuroma shoe is not fashionable.  A wide toe box and little to no heels.  Many people find Birkenstocks less provocative – but people who are used to high heels may not find them comfortable because of tension in their calves and Achilles tendon.

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