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Health Fund Rebates

Need an on the spot health fund rebate? We have HICAPS in our Brisbane cbd clinic for an instant rebate.

Not sure what HICAPS is?

HICAPS is a real time claims and payments system that allows you to claim your remedial massage at our clinic. We swipe your health fund card through the HICAPS machine and this tells us what your "gap" payment is. The gap payment is the difference between the cost of the massage and what your health fund gives you back.

For example you may receive $25 back from your fund on a $88 treatment, this means your gap payment is $63.

How can I pay the gap payment?

You can pay by cash or by savings, cheque or credit card including Amex. We don't accept Diners.

How much do I get back?

Every fund is different and it depends on the cover you have with your fund. Some funds give a set amount, others a percentage of the cost. If you want to know exactly then it is best to call your fund and enquire directly.

Some funds do offer a quotation service via hicaps machines. So before your treatment you can come in and we can swipe your card tell you what your gap payment will be. Please keep in mind that not all funds offer this service so if you need to know then check with your fund.

Are all your therapists covered?

Pretty much. We have a few casual therapists that are not on the hicaps machine but you can still claim with them for some funds but not all. When we take your appointment we ask you about your health fund status and will place you with the appropriate therapist. If a therapist is not on hicaps we will advise you. If you are still able to claim with them then we will give you a paper receipt with their claim number on it. To claim you will then take the receipt to your provider or claim with them online. This is usually for smaller health funds.

Not sure if your fund is with hicaps?

Simply click on the HICAPS image and this will take you directly to the participating health funds page on the HICAPS website. Here you can check if your fund is with HICAPS.

What are your payment methods?

  • Eftpos including Savings & Cheque
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Amex

We don't accept Diners.