Seated Chair Massage Brisbane

Is work literally a Pain in the Neck? Do Your Shoulders and Back Ache? You Need Seated Chair Massage!

Why Use Seated Chair Massage?

Many of us are time starved and on a budget, yet we still suffer tension headaches, neck pain and aching shoulders. Chair massage can provide a quick and effective relief for tension headaches, shoulder and neck pain, stress and tension. It is surprising what we can achieve for you in 20 minutes. Chair can be fitted into your lunch time and won't break the budget.

Do you use firm pressure?

We have performed over 20 000 chair massage treatments and developed techniques to relieve tension quickly. We do not provide a vague back rub or repeat the same sequence over and over. Our treatments are firm but will be adjusted to your needs and will address your specific requirements. We utilise remedial techniques such as muscle energy technique, trigger point and mfr to increase blood flow, breakdown adhesions and incorporate relaxation to decrease stress. Our chair massage is performed in a private area just for chair clients with relaxing music so you will have privacy during your treatment.

What is chair massage good for?

Upper Cross Syndrome is a very common issue with office workers and students. This involves a Forward Head Position, rounded shoulders and weak neck and mid back muscles. Upper Cross results in neck ache and pain, neck movement restriction, shoulder pain and aching back especially between the shoulder blades. Chair Massage will release the tight neck muscles such as scm and scalenes and relax the upper traps. We also work deeply around the shoulder blades and stretch the pecs. Work can be done on the lower back but for acute pain in this area we recommend a table treatment.

Do you do Corporate Massage?

Absolutely! Knead started as a Corporate Massage Provider and we are specialists in providing onsite massage. We can supply table massage through clothing, oil based treatments or seated massage. You can read more about our Corporate Services here.

15 Minutes

$9.75 normally $19.50

20 Minutes

$13.00 normally $26.00

30 Minutes

$19.50 normally $39.00


  • Not available on weekends
  • Brisbane Residents Only
  • New Clients only
  • One per person
  • We reserve the right to end this promotion at any time.

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