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Below are brief descriptions of our Myotherapy (MST) and Massage options, click through to read a more thorough descriptions. Our therapists will talk to you about your specific needs and often various styles may be incorporated into the same treatment depending on what the therapist feels is appropriate. 

Musculoskeletal Therapy (MST) - injury management and rehab, improve sports performance and make postural changes.

Brisbane Massage and Musculoskeletal Therapy. MST is an advanced bodywork system involving comprehensive assessment. Excellent for injury, rehab and improving sports performance

Musculoskeletal Therapy (MST), is a is a comprehensive detailed analysis of your physical state. MST treatments involve a thorough assessment of soft tissue, joint mobility, neurology and bio mechanics.There is also a strong exercise prescription and at home exercise element.MST is the next level in addressing muscle imbalance, posture improvement, pain management and injury recovery and prevention. If you want to improve pain and mobility or have a dedicated exercise schedule MST treatments will be of great benefit. Read more about MST

Remedial Massage - are you suffering regular neck, shoulder or back pain? Tension headaches? A recent injury?

Brisbane Massage, Remedial Massage is massage designed to alleviate specific issues. It involves assessment using range of motion and special orthopedic testing. Excellent for persistent pain

Remedial Massage involves postural assessment to identify muscles imbalances and these can be caused by tight or weak muscles, fascia tension, or bone mis-alignement. An assessment may involve range of motion, spine and hip alignment, and asking about the client's general activity. Remedial massage focuses on helping specific problems such as frozen shoulder, tendonitis, decreased flexibility, and injuries and draws on a range of techniques specific to Remedial Massage

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Pregnancy Massage
ease back and leg pain

Brisbane Massage Menu -  Pregnancy massage can help to manage the aches and pains of pregnancy. Our therapists are trained in pregnancy massage, we have padded table for maximum comfort.

Pregnancy brings many changes to the body through each trimester. Depending on where the baby is sitting you may experience chest tightness and breathing issues or lower back pain and discomfort. Emotions swing rapidly as the body's hormonal balance changes. Massage can support you through your pregnancy, helping ease lower back and leg pain, reduce swelling and limb oedema. We have therapists trained in Pregnancy Massage and padded tables for your comfort. Read more about Pregnancy Massage.

Sports Massage - train longer and avoid injury

Brisbane Massage Menu - Sports Massage is designed to improve your sports performance by releasing tight muscle and fascia, increasing flexibility and improving muscle health.

Sports massage is technically massage administered pre or post event, usually within the hour. However many sports people benefit greatly from a regular massage focussed on the specific needs that are generated from their sporting activities. Techniques are drawn from Deep Tissue and Remedial, often with more of a focus on lengthening and releasing muscles. Met's and PNF stretches are of particular benefit.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage - reduce oedema, improve immunity

Brisbane Massage Menu - Lymphatic Drainage Massage can help boost your immunity after illness, increase the effectiveness of your detox program and alleviate lymphedema.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a light massage that involves stimulating the lymph nodes and draining the lymph system back into the blood stream. LDM is used to treat lymphatic conditions such as lymphodema, and is also great for rejuvenating a flagging immunity system especially after illness. Also used in conjunction with other modalities such as Colon Cleansing and Dry Brushing LDM can support the Detox process. 

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Deep Tissue - ease pain and tension

Brisbane Massage Deep Tissue Massage can help with general aches and pains, in muscle recovery after sports and hard workouts and as a great maintenance tool for general health.

Deep Tissue massage incorporates elements of relaxation but with deeper pressure. Techniques such as cross fibre mobilisation, trigger point, and stretching produce a feeling of "Good Pain". We always use a pain scale to ensure we work within your pain threshold and clients must provide feedback in this process. We may also use heat or natural anti-inflammatory creams in the treatment.  

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