Are you wondering if you can do Yoga?

Yes no matter where you are there is always a place to start. Feeling stiff and tired? Yoga will provide time out and allow you to relax into the postures. Feeling overweight? Yoga will burn calories and get your energy flowing again. Feeling weak? Yoga will strengthen and tone. Sanskrit a bit rusty? No problem our instructors will guide you clearly in language you will understand. Starting something new is always an exciting journey and our instructors will happily walk it with you.

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As a new student to Knead Yoga you are eligible for a special intro offer. It would be our pleasure to introduce you to the wonderful benefits of Yoga and support you in your health goals.

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Where should I begin?

This depends on your fitness and goals but we suggest the first 3 styles to try are Yoga Fundamentals, Therapeutic and Restorative. All of these styles provide gentle yet effective postures that will be a little challenging at times but also leave you invigorated. We’ve also answered many common questions below.

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I’m new to Yoga and don’t know if I can do it!?

Everyone has to start somewhere and you can do as much or as little as you like. Even one class a week consistently will bring change. In many ways Yoga is about letting go, and this also means putting your fears to the side and simply joining in and accepting where you are. It is for everyone regardless of age, size, strength or flexibility.

Our instructors monitor students and provide guidance and modifications so you can do yoga at any age.

I don’t know if I should get a class pass or membership?

This will depend on the demands of your schedule, your goals and personality. Class passes provide the flexibility to come and go as you like, memberships even for a month require a little more commitment. If you are the kind of person that gets better results from commiting then you are better off with a membership, even for just a month. We suggest after you have done your introductory offer that you take out our 8 classes a month pass.

You can do 8 classes at anytime in a month period and it is not an ongoing obligation. If you find that you have well and truly used them up before the end of the month you may want to progress to an unlimited class option.

What if I have a membership and I have to go away?

No problem, email us or drop into reception and let us know and we will place your membership on hold. You are allowed one hold per membership. If you have special circumstances, we will always take that into account.

I have an injury, can I do Yoga?

This depends on the injury, how long ago you did it, what treatment you have had etc. You are required to complete a form and discuss these issues with your instructor. They will let you know if there are certain postures or movements you should not do. We may ask you to get a doctors clearance in some circumstances.

Do I need to supply my own mat?

During the introductory period we will supply you with a studio mat, you are required to clean them down at the end of every class. Should you continue you can bring your own mat and store it as long as you have it in a bag with your name on it. Otherwise mat hire is $1 per class, paid to the instructor at the class.

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