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New Student Offer receive Two Weeks of unlimited classes, free mat hire and key tag for $35. Complete 5 classes in your intro period and receive our Double Down offer.

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Please take a few minutes to complete the steps, this will mean that we can take some time meeting you and showing you around rather than doing paperwork. It will make your first class a breeze!


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Getting started & Your first visit

If you have completed the five steps you are set up and ready to go. If you haven’t and you want to do so in the studio please allow at least 25 minutes before the class starts. Lunchtimes and after work are a busy time, so completing all the steps first is highly recommended before coming into the studio.

What to expect

We will answer any questions, give you a tour of the studio, assign a keytag and introduce you to the instructor.


What to bring

We will supply a studio yoga mat, however you are welcome to bring your own. You may also choose to bring a towel and water bottle. We have some lockers and some space in the studio on shelves to place your belongings. Please don’t leave your belongings outside the studio or in the studio on the floor as this takes up space that students may need.

What to wear

Clothes that allow you to move and also nothing too baggy. You will do poses that have you upside down and clothes that are baggy leave you feeling exposed. You don’t want to end up spending half the class adjusting your clothing rather than enjoying what you are doing. Shoes are removed and placed on the shoe racks and we don’t wear socks as you may slip. We have two change rooms in the studio and two bathrooms to change in.




Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know if I should get a class pass or membership?

This will depend on the demands of your schedule, your goals and personality. Class passes provide the flexibility to come and go as you like, memberships even for a month require a little more commitment. If you are the kind of person that gets better results from commiting then you are better off with a membership, even for just a month. We suggest after you have done your introductory offer that you take out our 8 classes a month pass.

You can do 8 classes at anytime in a month period and it is not an ongoing obligation. If you find that you have well and truly used them up before the end of the month you may want to progress to an unlimited class option.

What if I have a membership and I have to go away?

No problem, email us or drop into reception and let us know and we will place your membership on hold. You are allowed one hold per membership. If you have special circumstances we will always take that into account.

I have an injury, can I do Yoga?

This depends on the injury, how long ago you did it, what treatment you have had etc. You are required to complete a form and discuss these issues with your instructor. They will let you know if there are certain postures or movements you should not do. We may ask you to get a doctors clearance in some circumstances.

Do I need to supply my own mat?

During the introductory period we will supply you with a studio mat, you are required to clean them down at the end of every class. Should you continue you can bring your own mat and store it as long as you have it in a bag with your name on it. Otherwise mat hire is $1 per class, paid to the instructor at the class.

Pricing & Memberships

Intro offer


Starts on the day of your first class
Unlimited access to any yoga or pilates class for 2 weeks
Free mat hire or free mat storage (if you have your own)
Experienced instructors

For the yoga superstars – if you attend at least 5 classes in the 2 week period you are eligible for our Double Down offer which gets you another 2 weeks of unlimited classes for only $35

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Class Passes

Casual Class

$18 00

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5 Class Pass

$80 00

Valid for 10 days

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10 Class Pass

$150 00

Valid for 4 months

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20 Class Pass

$270 00

Valid for 8 months

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50 Class Pass

$600 00

Valid for 12 months

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Monthly Passes

8 Classes per month

$110 00

Come to 8 classes anytime over a month period

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Unlimited classes for One Month

$150 00

Come to as many classes as your heart desires!

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Why choose a Membership?

If you are on this page chances are you looking for a way to improve your health. Yoga offers many benefits, but like any fitness or health program it requires a certain level of commitment. By choosing a Membership Program to carry on with after your Introductory Offer you are making that commitment. Our memberships go for 8 weeks to 6 months so you are not locked in forever. Once the time has finished you can go month by month or choose another membership option. Totally your choice.

8 Week Memberships

2 Classes Weekly

$26 00


  • 2 Classes Weekly (these can be taken over the month period)
  • Mat Storage
  • One Suspension
  • Billed Weekly

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Weekly Unlimited

$33 00


  • Unlimited Classes
  • Mat Storage
  • One Suspension
  • Billed Weekly

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Massage & Yoga Memberships

Inspiration Membership

$29 00

Per week

Unlimited yoga and Pilates classes
1 x 60 minute remedial massage
Free mat storage
6 month contract
1 x suspension allowed

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Buy Fortnightly

Buy Monthy

Maintenance Membership – Monthly

$45 00

Per week (paid monthly)

2 x yoga/pilates classes per week
6 x 60 minute remedial massages (1 x per month)
Free mat storage
6 month contract
1 x suspension allowed

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* If you wish to pay weekly or fortnightly see reception

Postural Improvement Membership Monthly

$55 00

Per week (paid monthly)

Unlimited yoga and pilates classes
Comprehensive postural assessment by musculo-skeletal therapist
Free Theraband and home exercise program
6 x 60 minute remedial massages (1 x per month)
Free mat storage
6 month contract
1 x suspension allowed

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* If you wish to pay weekly or fortnightly see reception

Opening Hours

Level 3, 233 Albert Street, Brisbane Qld 4000

T: 07 3003 0801

Mon & Tues 7.30am – 7.30pm
Wed – Fri 7.30am – 9pm
Saturday 10am – 6pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm

Opening Hours

Level 3, 233 Albert Street, Brisbane Qld 4000

T: 07 3003 0801

Mon & Tues 7.30am - 7.30pm
Wed - Fri 7.30am - 9pm
Saturday 10am - 6pm
Sunday 10am - 6pm