Don't let Mortons Neuroma Pain Ruin Your Life!
Effective Myotherapy Solutions
Neuroma resolution shouldn’t require painful and ineffective
injections of cortisone or invasive surgical procedures
that leave you THOUSANDS of dollars out of pocket.

  • Morton’s neuroma is painful,
    degenerative and long lasting.
    Would you enjoy life more
    without neuroma pain?
  • Rapidly resolve neuroma pain
    and improve nerve health
    using Myotherapy (expert
    manual therapy, cold laser and
    electro dry needling)
    Get affordable results quickly
    and live pain free
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  • Myotherapist Roger Morelli
    can resolve your neuroma pain
    quickly – even if you’ve had it
    for years.
Recovery without Surgery is possible. Watch Lyns Story after 7 years with Neuroma
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