Kinesio and Rocktape

Kinesiology taping is the application of a thin, elastic, cotton tape to reduce stress on injuries and assist with inflammatory conditions. K-Taping can be used to temporarily reinforce a posture or position or to assist with lymphatic return.

Rocktape is a leading brand of Kinesio tape and the product we choose for our taping.

Common uses and benefits of K Tape

  1. Pain Relief – Positioning structures into beneficial positions reduces pain
  2. Swelling Reduction – By lifting this skin, K-tape improves lymphatic return, reducing swelling and other inflammatory conditions quickly.
  3. 3. Reduced Muscle Fatigue – K tape provides physical and neurological support for the muscles it is applied to
  4. Gets you back in the game quick – Supporting irritated structures allows them to be put through range of motion with less stress – improving outcomes.

Taping is an additional $10 as part of a Remedial or Myotherapy Treatment.


What if i have a skin reaction?

Take it off immediately if the tape is itchy, painful or feels noticeable in any way. Your therapist will tell you what to look out for. If you ignore these symptoms – you may get a blister which can take time to recover. We advise people to monitor their tape daily. As a general rule, fair skinned individuals shouldn’t leave tape on for more than two days. Blistered skin should have an antiseptic applied immediately.

How long do you leave the tape on for?

Your therapist will determine what skin type and how reactive you are. We use hypo allergenic ROcktape – one of the highest quality kinesio tapes in the world. If you don’t feel itchy, sore or notice the tape – it’s probably ok to keep on for up to a week. But your therapist will look at your skin and risk factors first.

Do you have different sizes?

Yes, there is a Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large and we have a weight and height chart to make sure you have the correct size for you.

Will the brace hurt?

It will feel a bit uncomfortable at first as it moves your shoulders into a better position and this will feel unfamiliar. After a few minutes you adjust. You must not wear the brace for more than 45 minutes as this will potentially bruise your shoulders. The instruction manual outlines how long and how often to put the brace on.


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