Mortons Neuroma Surgery Brisbane

Written by Roger Morelli, Myotherapist

Considering Mortons Neuroma Surgery Brisbane?

This post will list 10 Reasons you should visit Knead Massage before you get Morton’s Neuroma Surgery and answer some common questions people suffering a Mortons Neuroma have – and conclude with a video testimonial of someone who had Morton’s Neuroma for 7 years and found their pain quickly resolving with a Myotherapy Solution from Knead Massage Brisbane.

If you are looking to understand what a Morton’s Neuroma is please check out my article on the subject here.

10 Reasons you should visit Knead Massage before you get Morton’s Neuroma Surgery

  • You’ll know at the end of one myotherapy treatment if it will resolve your pain
  • Myotherapy is natural and non-invasive
  • Neuroma surgery costs thousands of dollars and requires time off work
  • Myotherapy solutions are cheap and don’t have any recovery time at
  • Walking is easier after every myotherapy session
  • Myotherapy is Simple, Safe and Effective
  • After surgery you will have four very inconvenient weeks on crutches and not be able to weight bare
  • The pain after the surgery is intense and lasts for weeks and months
  • The pain of myotherapy is brief and inconsequential compared to the pain of your neuroma – let alone the weeks of pain immediately after you have part of your nerve cut away.
  • Studies have shown up to 35% of people have the neuroma removed and STILL experience pain

Resolve my pain

This short video outlines Lyns Story:

Do I need surgery for my Morton’s Neuroma?

There are plenty of ways to resolve mortons neuroma pain quickly. We have had consistently good results in under 5 treatments using myotherapy techniques such as Cold Laser, Electro needling and massage to the calves – it is important to find the most appropriate footwear for your presentation. If Myotherapy doesn’t work for you - you can still get the surgery.

How do U treat Morton’s neuroma without surgery?

Some neuromas are non-operable – we’ve had good results with them.

Appropriate footwear and myotherapy techniques that improve the blood flow of the nerve (using cold laser and electro needling) – rapidly reducing swelling, inflammation and pain.

Ultrasound guided cortisone is another non-surgical intervention – a number of people we have treated have had cortisone without success before coming to us.

Do neuromas go away on their own?

In the early stages of a neuroma symptoms may only occur intermittently. But when an aggravation to the nerve becomes severe enough that it occurs several times a month or the pain doesn’t really go away the inflammation in the nerve is unlikely to reduce without an intervention. If treated early enough there are no ramifications to having had a Morton’s Neuroma.

Can Morton's Neuroma be cured?

Different strategies work for different presentations. We have had profound success by using cold laser to help the nerve inflammation dissipate and electro needling to improve blood flow to the nerve. We have found this quickly leads to pain resolution, reduction in nerve symtpms and a return to weight bearing activities.


Morton’s Neuroma doesn’t have to be an ongoing situation. Even the most severe symptoms can resolve quickly with the right approach. Surgery is not the only option to Live Pain Free.



Roger Morelli
Roger Morelli is a Myotherapist at Knead Massage in Brisbane CBD. He loves helping clients improve their quality of life with effective Myotherapy and corrective exercise treatments. He has a special interest in lower limb issues after experiencing a life changing car accident 20 years ago.
Roger Morelli
Roger Morelli

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