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Yoga Brisbane - What we Offer

If you are looking for yoga classes in Brisbane then look no further! Our Brisbane yoga studio is situated on Level 3 233 Albert St in the Queen Street Mall. 

  • Small class sizes so you can always see the instructor and have room to breathe
  • Highly experienced yoga instructors that demonstrate the postures and provide corrections when necessary
  • Light and relaxing studio
  • Education on how yoga can help improve posture, decrease stress and increase mind body awareness
  • An atmosphere where beginners feel welcome and at ease
  • A community feel where everyone can be as they are
  • Classes for intermediate students so they can continue to advance their skills and advanced students so they feel challenged.
  • Being in a multi service centre that can help you with a range of health needs.

What are the benefits of Yoga?

Modern life is stressful and the reality is we need to do things to counteract the damaging effects that constant stress along with sitting have on our bodies. Yoga is so effective because it works on multiple levels at once.

Yoga works the physical, lengthening and strengthening muscles, improving blood flow, and regulates breathing. 

Yoga works the mind, providing space and focus thus increasing the connection between the mind and body. This increase in awareness can help with anxiety and depression.

Yoga increases our awareness of our space and place in life, bringing more connection with self, others and a sense of peace that is missing for many. 

How do I get started?
Step 1, if you are new to yoga or our studio you may want to start with our Intro Offer

Most people will start with our Introductory Offer which can be purchased online below. You can also view our passes and memberships here.

2 Weeks Unlimited Yoga & Pilates 

Starts on the day of your first class

Step 2 - Download our app
to sign into classes. Login using the same username and password you created when you purchased the intro offer

Download our app to make massage appointments and book yoga classes

Step 3 - Sign into your first class

Step 4 - Come into reception 15 Minutes before your first class for a quick meet and greet. Let us know you signed up online. We will ask you to complete your student form, show you around and assign you a key tag.

We look forward to seeing you in our Studio!


Got Questions?
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