Testimonials, read about the benefits our regular customers enjoy

Weekly maintenance

“Sitting at a computer workstation five days per week places a certain amount of unnatural strain on my shoulders and back which in turn become very tight and painful. If I didn’t have my weekly "maintenance with my therapist" I would not be able to perform the duties of my job in a competent and efficient manner. It only takes 15 minutes from my day and is very convenient as my therapist visits the building and I am able to schedule my appointments to suit my calendar. The sessions are competitively priced and the seated chair massage is extremely relaxing. I highly recommend this service.”

Joy Rienecker

Convenient and time saving

Having my weekly massage not only loosens my back and shoulders which get quite tense from sitting at a computer all day, it also provides an opportunity for a short relaxing break enabling me to re-focus on my work. Having the therapist come to our office is very convenient and I don’t have to waste time making appointments or traveling. It’s a small break which I look forward to and always thoroughly enjoy”

Anne Coutts, Arup Engineering

Taking time to look after my own wellbeing

"Having a therapist come to out office regularly is fantastic. It is convenient and a regular reminder to look after my own well being. I always feel relaxed after my regular massage and I would definitely recommend it to everyone." Melissa Cogzell Arup Engineering