Tennis Elbow Treatment 

tennis elbow treatment, Brisbane Myotherapists provide effective tennis elbow treatment. Get help to get back to doing what you love.

Tennis Elbow Treatment - reducing pain from Lateral Epicondylalgia

Tennis elbow treatment involves a combination of physical therapy and corrective exercise performed between treatments.Tennis Elbow (lateral Epicondylalgia) is a common RSI (repetitive strain injury) of the muscles that lift the wrist and fingers. Research has shown that Tendinopathies need specific exercises and loading strategies to stop being sensitive. 

The injury and pain occurs on the bony prominence (Lateral Epicondyle) on the outside of the elbow where the forearm muscles attach.Tennis Elbow is a type of RSI known as a tendinopathy- which is an irritation to the part of the muscle that connects it to the bone.

What are the symptoms of
Tennis Elbow?

Pain is usually experienced near the bony prominence of the elbow (the lateral epicondyle). Some people describe this as forearm pain.  Squeezing the hand into fist puts the forearm extensors onto stretch which will also irritate the tendon. 

Who is at risk of developing tennis elbow?

Anyone who performs manual repetitive tasks such as chefs, mechanics, painters, professional drivers and retail assistants are likely candidate for Elbow and forearm pain.  Activities such as typing can trigger forearm pain because the fingers are lifting of the keyboard repetitively (forearm/finger extension).

What's involved in a Tennis Elbow Assessment?

Tennis Elbow Assessment by a qualified Myotherapist  is simple and pain free.

Your Myotherapist will listen to your situation and ask you questions to ascertain the onset of your pain.  They will use special orthopaedic tests to rule out other problems and perform manual therapy techniques such as Massage and Dry Needling for pain relief. The majority of Tennis Elbow can be diagnosed without imaging.  If imaging is necessary - ultrasound is the clinical Gold Standard, however if the nerves or neck are involved (Your myotherapist will determine this for you) an MRI may also be useful.

The best method for desensitizing and re-strengthening the sensitive elbow tendon is with specific tennis elbow exercises.  Which your Myotherapist will show you how to perform while also providing written instructions with diagrams.  As your treatments progress so will your exercises.

Tennis Elbow Treatment - How will a Myotherapist Rehabilitate my Tennis Elbow?

Comprehensive assessment is critical and informs us which tools to use:

  • Soft tissue work such as deep tissue massage and cupping
  • Dry needling and Electro needling
  • Joint mobilisations and tractions
  • Kinesio-tape and Rocktape
  • Corrective exercises tennis elbow and postural improvement

Can you Massage Tennis Elbow?

Remedial Massage and Myotherapy offer many techniques to reduce Chronic Elbow Pain.

Common Tennis Elbow Causes include:

  • Weakness in the forearms and triceps
  • Excessive gripping or wringing activities - tool use, computer games, data entry.
  • Unaccustomed activities that utilise the hands and forearms such as Tennis, painting, mechanical work, typing and excessive unaccustomed driving.

Chronic Tennis Elbow can happen when the tendon is in poor health, in the aging tendon, or after a recent injury when the area is still inflamed.  In all populations - young and old - Rehabilitation of Tennis Elbow is improved through exercise. Our qualified Myotherapists can guide you to effective exercise for your tennis elbow.