Nutriton Nibble Super Foods

Onions and Garlic are complete SUPERFOODS! Onions have been cultivated for over 600 years and garlic has been used since Biblical times.

The last issue of Nutrition Nibble focussed on the amazing benefits of

Phytochemicals. Onions contain 150 different types of these bundles of goodness. Onions are good for the heart. 

They help in blood clotting, lower blood pressure, boost good cholesterol – all great in lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease. They have powerful antioxidant properties and help fight infection. If you are sick this winter and not wishing to infect the rest of your house, half a few onions (just like you would apples) and place them around you. They will zap up the nasty germs and toxins and prevent them travelling to your loved ones!

Onion juice is another miracle cure! Just grate an onion and reserve the liquid that comes out of it. This juice can be used to:

• Help fight ear infections when dripped into the air – diluting slightly with a little water may make it a little easier. • Help to draw toxins out of boils when applied topically – soak some bread in onion juice and place it over the affected area. • Helps with psoriasis and skin disorders when applied topically. • Can help with follicle growth when massaged into the scalp.

Garlic is known as Mother Nature’s Antibiotic.

What more needs to be said!

Garlic has a lot of the same benefits as onions:

• Reduces blood pressure • Reduces cholesterol • Decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease

It is a POTENT detoxifier. It protects against chromosome damage and can be helpful in stimulating appetite.

The Possible Answer to Life’s Problems???

Onion and Garlic – eat them in abundance to improve your system and longevity of life.

ps Both will thin the blood so further clarification is required for those an any blood thinning medications.

Your body is your most important asset

Take care of it! Melissa xx