Nutrition Nibble Phytochemicals

How often do you think about the foods that you eat and how they affect you at a cellular level?All FRESH food contain phytochemicals, important and potentially life changing bundles of goodness which: 

• Act as powerful antioxidants • Detoxify the body • Inhibit carcinogens • Enhance immunity • Lower the risk of cardiovascular disease • Offer great antibacterial qualities

Mother Nature is really a genius in offering us such gems in our foods! Please note that man-made foods contain NONE of these important chemicals.

Only a fraction of phytochemicals have been discovered in our foods with more being found all the time. It is impossible to remember them all but the one thing to try to remember is: “the more colourful and vibrant the food the higher it is likely to be in all the good stuff!” Fill your plate with arainbow of foods and you can’t go wrong.

Dietary sources of phytochemicals include: fruit, vegetables, tea, wine (this is great news!), dried beans, some meats, lentils, nuts and seeds. 

Some interesting ones to remember...

LYCOPENE – The most powerful antioxidant found in food which helps prevent cervical and prostate cancer. Found in abundance in heated tomatoes – lesser amounts are found in raw tomatoes.

LIPOIC ACID – Don’t throw away your potato skins! The skin is high in Lipoic Acid which improves your metabolism and is anti-ageing.

ELLAGIC ACID – Prevents cancer cell development and is found in strawberries, raspberries, grapes and onions. 

CURCUMIN – Get into those curries containing tumeric and cumin as these contain Curcumin which has great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and well as blocking cancer causing cells 

RESVEROTROL – A powerful antioxidant that inhibits cancer cell growth. The great news is that resverotrol is found in RED WINE – a great excuse for a regular glass!

For more information on phytochemicals and the role they play in maintaining and improving your health, check out the following site – a database allowing you to search by food to see how your diet is really helping you!