Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Brisbane

Is stress , worry or anxiety ruining your day to day life? Do you feel over-reactive to your emotions? Would you like to be more focused and learn how to live with more ease and inner freedom?
This 8 week course is the gold standard of mindfulness training and will guide you to make lasting changes in your life.

What is Mindfulness?

It is a practice that helps you move towards a life of balance, choice and greater participation. Training in Mindfulness will allow you to respond with clarity and wisdom rather than reacting from habitual patterns. Mindfulness is not a commodity that you “get”  or un-get. We all already have this capacity as sentient humans although it is underdeveloped.

In short , mindfulness is three things:

  1. A  quality of being more present and aware
  2. A  practice , mindfulness meditation is what you do in order to develop the inner quality .
  3. An outcome – Before long you ‘ll notice outcome benefits of calm, clarity, more tuned into yourself and others, more engaged and centered , a more relaxed body and more wisdom in how to work with everyday challenges. Thanks to neuroplasticity, the brain and mind  change.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a meditation training course created by Jon Kabat Zinn PhD and his colleagues at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre in 1979, the MBSR course integrates transformative Eastern practices with contemporary Western scientific knowledge of the brain and human body. Forty years after it has changed our understanding of stress and pain management. MBSR is taught globally in workplaces, offices and health settings.

This course is what kicked of the mindfulness revolution and the many offshoots.

Is this course right for me?

There is a lot out there in the mindfulness world .from apps to books to short introductory courses.  This course is one that offers in depth support and your best chance for lasting change .  Most anyone can meditate and learn how to to deal with short and long term stress.  Under certain circumstances this course  may not  be right for you at this time. Speak to the teacher to determine your goals, needs and capacity at this time.

What are the benefits of MBSR?

You will most likely feel more energy and enthusiasm for life and be able to communicate better.

Have a deeper more complete state of relaxation, wiser ways of coping with short and long term stress and a more accepting and compassionate view of yourself.

You will learn how to hear and manage the narrative that we often have banging away in the back of our minds. You will also notice when you are on autopilot.

What happens in the MBSR sessions?

During our 8 classes and full day retreat there is a mix of:

  • guided meditations: sitting,  lying, moving, walking
  • gentle yoga suitable to any level of fitness
  • brief theory and discussions, such as the scientific rationale
  • individual feedback and support

Meet The Teacher

Mary McIntyre, Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Certified MBSR teacher, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.

Mary is a sought after teacher of MBSR. She is known for her kindness, empathy, humour and professionalism. Mary teaches MBSR to community groups, allied health professionals and teams in public and private sector organisations. She also works individually with people who have stress, anxiety and trauma for a range of reasons.

As an Advisor to the not for profit Mindfulness Training Institute Australia-New Zealand, Mary supports health professionals to learn to skillfully integrate mindfulness programs into their work.

Upcoming Course Dates

Term 1
Starts: Monday 11th Feb
Ends: Monday 1st April

Term 2 
Starts: Monday 13th May
Ends: Monday 1st July

Term 3
Starts: Monday 22nd July 
Ends: Monday 19th September 

Term 4
Starts: Monday 2nd Dec
Ends: Monday 14th Feb