Event & Trade Show Massage,
Do you have a plan for drawing potential clients to your stand, engaging them whilst they are there and keeping your brand in their awareness once they leave? If not you could be wasting your significant investment.

Tradeshows and conferences can be a large investment in time and money.With workshops and other competing activities going on at the same time you may have a limited amount of time to connect with potential new clients. You may stand around for periods of the day with nothing to do and then be inundated as breaks occur. Maximise your investment by handling these peaks times and use massage as a way to draw potential clients to your stand throughout the day and keep them with you longer.

How can massage help increase my tradeshow profits and contacts?

  • Bring a steady stream of people to your stand that will wait to get a free massage
  • Use this waiting time to your advantage by engaging them in conversation and identifying how you may be able to help them
  • Provide the chance for people to relax, they will be more open and trusting towards you afterwards
  • Use our therapists as part of your team, we can wear your branded shirts, say a short script to the person after the massage directing your potential new client towards the next step in your marketing funnel.
  • Play a message to the client while they are receiving their massage via mp3 player. This message is a professional message scripted by you sandwiched in-between relaxing music. 

Did you know that massage raises oxytocin leaving people more open, generous and trusting after a massage?

Oxytocin is the hormone released when mothers bond with babies, women go shopping and lovers, well fall in love. After a massage people are more open to suggestions and this is the perfect time to show them the material you gathered while they were having their massage and indicate how your company can help them with their needs. 

Use our therapists to help support your marketing efforts.

If you are giving away sample packs, consultations, vouchers, guides or any other type of takeaway material use our therapists to help support this process. Simply give us a basic script that you would like said at the end of the massage and the therapists will point the client in the direction you wish them to move in next. We can wear your branded shirts so we are a part of your team. 

Take your marketing to the next level with a professional message delivered during the massage.

We can arrange for a professional message to be created, scripted by you to be played during the massage. The message has relaxing music either side and is best at around 3 minutes long. Use this as a way of introducing your massage client to what you have available on the day. For example maybe you are offering a free product demonstration in their workplace or a complimentary consultation. Let them know in the message along with a few details and ask them to speak to you at the end of the treatment. This way you are utilising the time the person is having a massage and they are a captive audience.

This service is an extra cost but the benefits in additional marketing can be huge. It is like having an extra staff person on hand all day working for you and your business. 

To speak with us please call our clinic on 3003 0801 or use the request a quote form and we will be in contact to discuss your needs. 

Need a price for your onsite massage event? Request a quote, it will save time & help us provide an accurate price.

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How do you provide the massage?

We can use normal massage chairs for 5 minute sessions, desktop units or if space allows ergonomic massage chairs.

Can your staff wear our branded shirts?

Yes absolutely! In fact we encourage you to do so as it provides more branding for you.

Do you have a minimum booking time?

Our minimum time is 3 hours depending upon your location + parking costs if needed.

Do you provide a better price for full days?

Yes we do, why not request a quote and let us know what you need.

Do you screen clients?

Yes, we verbally screen for the most important issues and ask clients to sign a simple consent form.

Are your therapists trained and insured?

Yes all therapists have massage qualifications and public liability insurance.

How much notice do we need to give?

We appreciate as much as possible but at least a week is needed. If you require therapists in a shorter time frame there may be a higher cost.