What is Electro Dry Needling? 

Written by Roger Morelli

Brisbane Myotherapy

Electro Dry Needling involves the insertion of a fine filament needle into the tissue.  Dry Needling is commonly used to release a “Trigger Point” or a tight irritable muscle knot – these interventions are effective for the treatment of muscle pain and spasms.  Trigger points are painful to touch and often refer pain and limit movement.  Electro Dry Needling involves attaching cables to the needles and these cables are attached to a battery powered Electro Stimulation Machine. This sends a small pulse through the needle into the tissue and is excellent for reducing pain.

What can Electro and Dry Needling Treat?

  • Nerve damage: neuropathy, sciatica and radiculopathy
  • Soft tissue: spasm, strains, cramping, trigger points, tightness
  • Joint pathologies: sprains, arthritis, joint stiffness, disc pathologies
  • Ligament and Tendon irritations
  • Many pain states

Why have Electro Dry Needling?

Electro-Dry Needling improves blood circulation and the transport and generation of the bodies painkillers (endorphins and opioids) and is effective at pain reduction. Blood circulation is increased - which improves delivery of nutrients to tissue - accelerating healing.

Low frequency/high intensity Electro-Dry Needling produces long term pain relief increasing over several hours after treatment.

High frequency/low intensity Electro-Dry Needling produces quick acting, short term pain relief by preventing pain messages from travelling to the brain and blocking nerve pathways.

Who performs Electro and Dry Needling at Knead Massage and Myotherapy?

Liza Markova B.HSc Myotherapy

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Roger Morelli Adv. Diploma Myotherapy

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