Corporate Massage Survey

Are you looking at ways to improve your employess work/life balance? Why not survey staff as to their level of interest and willingness to pay for a workplace massage service.

Find out if your staff would like a Corporate Massage Service in their office.

Often HR and Office Managers hear staff say that they would love to have massage at work. However they are not sure how many staff would really participate in a Corporate Massage program especially if they were asked to make a contribution.

The best way to determine what staff will do and what they would like is to ask them. If you would like to find out if staff would like an office massage service call us and we can set up a survey similar to this example below.

We can customise the questions to suit your needs and arrange for the emailed responses to be sent directly to you. If you a thinking about using our services we will colate these responses and give th

Here is an example of a staff survey

Call us and we can design a survey for you.

People fundamentally love to be asked their opinion and appreciate management taking the time to really find out what they think. So if you have been considering implementing a corporate massage service in your Brisbane office then contact us and we can help you.

We look forward to looking after the well being of your team.

The Team at Knead

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Thanks for filling out this survey. Your thoughts and input are important

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10 minute massage $12
15 minute massage $17
20 minute massage $22
30 minute massage $33
Sometimes fortnightly sometimes monthly
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