Corporate Massage Brisbane Training

In this training section you should find all you need to make sure you understand our procedures and what is expected of you as a therapist.

Training modules will be added shortly.

Paper work

As tedious as it is this is a necessary part of your work and you will need to adhere to what is requested of you. Basically if you don't it can end up causing delays in payment for you or you will be requested to re-submit invoices etc so they comply with our expectations. Organising jobs for different companies can make it hard to keep up with what is expected, so they have been given their own heading and you will find links to the documents needed for each company along with a description of their way of doing things.

Knead Massage & Natural Therapies


Below are links to the paperwork we use on jobs, please download each document and familiarise yourself with them.

Staff Invoice template

Knead chair staff invoice - this is the invoice format to be used by all staff when submitting invoices. Please note this is a pdf file, you can convert pdf to word by going to this link

What you need to know

Everything is fairly self explanatory, simply fill out your details including abn, bank details etc and save. Every time you submit your invoice you need to put the relevant details of the job on the invoice including

  • you will use this invoice template for all invoicing for chair work, not matter which company it is for
  • date
  • invoice number (no double ups please)
  • name of job
  • feedback - as we are not onsite you are our eyes and ears. Please let us know anything that you feel is relevant. Was it hard to park, was the organiser stressed out, did they expect something that wasn't provided?
  • number of massages - essential if you do a 3 Minute Angels job as they want numbers.

Verbal Screening Script

Even though you will usually be asking people to sign a tracking form which outlines potential contra-indications for massage it is still necessary to ALWAYS PERFORM A VERBAL SCREEN. People usually don't read the form and the screen ensures you know if there are any potential problems. It also gives you the chance to identify where their problem areas are.