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I wasn't asked at all!
Too soft I couldn't feel anything
OK but could have been a bit firmer
Perfect - the pressure was adjusted up and down as needed
Bit hard but generally OK
Too hard it hurt too much
Therapist didn't talk enough
Level of talking was perfect
Talked a bit much but generally OK
Didn't stop talking and I wish they would as I couldn't relax
Excellent- they listened and delivered the massage I wanted, I would happily see them on a regular basis
Good - they delivered a quality treatment and met my expectations
Average - I felt the massage was good but could have been better. Maybe the therapist lacks experience or needs more training
Below Average - the massage was ok but nothing to be excited over. It would not be enough to make it a priority to return to Knead
Awful - did not meet my needs, therapist was not in tune with what needed to be done, I would not come back.
It was explained but I didn't really get it.
I sort of understand that its free but don't know much else.
I understand that I get a discount based on how long it has been since I've been for a treatment.
I understand it is free and I just need to remain on the mailing list to be a member. Knead life gives me discounts based on length of time between treatments and some other great offers.
Drink water after your treatment
Advice on when or how to exercise in the 24 hrs after your treatment
Use of a myofacial roller
Given a stretching routine for either your sport, particular muscle or muscle group
Use of epsom salt baths
Hot or cold heatpack treatment
Use of specially blended oils, creams or liniments for your particular issue
Strengthening exercises using a theraband
Osteopathic referral
Naturopathic referral
Acupuncture referral
Other referral
Stress management techniques
Breathing techniques
Yoga, meditation or other modality suggestion
Office exercises
Environment was poor and distracted from the treatment, I wouldn't come back
Environment was ok but there were distractions that could be improved
Environment was fine nothing stuck out
Environment was good, peaceful, temp was right
Environment was excellent, no distractions, temp was great, enjoyed the music

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