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Param Satya - Master Yoga Instructor

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Pathway to the Present

I have been involved with Yoga and Yoga philosophy for the past 28 years. My yoga practice did not begin in the usual way in the West, which is doing yoga classes learning the asanas or postures. It began with the yoga philosophy that I came across in the United States in the 1980's. I was drawn to the disciplined lifestyle of this philosophy which created way to live skilfully in this world. Yoga philosophy included every aspect of your life especially your interactions with others. Through this path I developed a focused mind and with a focused mind anything can be achieved.

In 1994 I enrolled into a 3 year Teacher Training program at a BKS Iyengar Academy in New Zealand. My extensive training in this program allowed me to understand the importance of watching the development of a student’s yoga practice and to view every class and every student with a fresh outlook. This means that I watch the development of our students and adapt classes to their changing needs and interest. No two classes are the same. I have taught in, Taiwan, United States, New Zealand and Australia opening a number of Yoga schools in different countries some of which are still operating many years later. I have taught in Brisbane for 15 and many of the instructors at various studios around Brisbane have been my students. 

What do I love about Teaching Yoga?

I believe that being a Yoga teacher is a calling for me, I want to demonstrate to others that their bodies can change and heal through a dedicated practice, even if that practice begins as one class a week and that we don’t need to age and suffer in the way many people do. I am always inspired to see the transformation of students as they develop their yoga practice, to see their bodies strengthen and become more flexible, to watch their stress levels and anxiety diminish, their minds calm down and begin to find some peace and see self-esteem improve.

My goal is not just to help people develop their yoga practice, it is to help them develop the discipline and focus to create the lives they aspire to and to work on being an example of this. Yoga and yoga philosophy offers and opportunity for people to grow at their own pace and in their own time and I feel privileged to be a part of that journey.

Liza Markova
Registered Yoga Australia Level 2 Brisbane Yoga Instructor

Brisbane Yoga Instructor, Liza MarakovBrisbane Yoga Instructor

Pathway to Present

Ever since my younger years I’ve been interested in philosophy and cultures of Asian countries, especially India. I admired their belief that a person exists on many different levels – physical, intellectual, energetic etc. That’s why I started to explore these healing systems that have a holistic approach and worked on the whole personality, rather than just parts of physical body, like in fitness or sports. I fell in love with yoga for its ancient wisdom and spirituality.

In 2005, I was lucky to meet my first spiritual teacher, who shared this precious knowledge with me, laying a solid foundation for further development. Thus, my yoga practice started with exploration of my body and mind through personal practice, studying yoga literature and getting inspiration from my teachers.

Practising regularly, I started to feel the positive influence of yoga on all aspects of my life: my immune system has strengthened (I rarely get ill even with common cold), my mind became more focused and overall level of happiness and satisfaction increased. 

For the past 12 years I’ve taken numerous courses in hatha yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and other relaxation techniques in international yoga centres in India, Germany, France and Poland. I have seven years of teaching experience and certifications of the European Yoga Alliance (2010), The Art of Living Foundation (2010) and the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre (2012).

After the years of yoga instruction and numerous workshops on movement therapy I decided to deepen my knowledge of human anatomy and physiology by taking a course in Musculoskeletal Therapy. I use the knowledge of body reading, rehabilitation and exercise therapy to make my classes an effective healing tool with an emphasis on a holistic approach and individual needs of my students. I believe that combining manual therapy treatment and yoga, allows me to help people on many different levels.

What do I love about Teaching Yoga?

I am very passionate about yoga and healthy lifestyle and I love sharing this precious knowledge with other people. I lead mostly relaxing classes with emphasis on holistic approach and individual needs of my students. Apart from hatha yoga classes I lead deep relaxation (yoga nidra) and guided meditations.

I’m currently studying Musculoskeletal Therapy in order to deepen my knowledge of yoga with profound understanding of human physiology and master advanced manual therapy techniques. I believe that combining manual therapy treatment and yoga, as a movement therapy, will allow me to help people on many different levels.

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Carissa Taramoeroa
Yoga Australia Level 1 and Yoga Alliance Level 1
Brisbane Yoga Instructor

Brisbane Yoga InstructorBrisbane Yoga Instructor

Pathway to Present

I first discovered Yoga just over 3 years ago. Since that very first class I knew straight away that I wanted to explore more about Yoga, my body, and learn more about meditation. I developed a strong, regular practice which completely transformed me and left me wanting more.

After completing my first teacher training here in Brisbane I went to Rishikesh in India to develop my practice and knowledge even further and graduated at the end of last year. 

What do I love about Teaching Yoga?

Seeing, experiencing and learning how yoga can drastically change you, can heal injuries, improve your health and fitness as well as influence ones mental state has inspired me to share the knowledge I have learned, with others. Yoga for me helps me open my physical body and invites a state of calm to reside.

My classes can vary from calm and restorative to a strong dynamic vinyasa flow. Expect a playful, yet mindful class leaving you feeling warm and open.

My intention is to enable students to bring awareness to their bodies, connect breath with movement, build strength and flexibility and to leave with a sense of peace and control.

Wendy Bruce
Brisbane Pilates Instructor
Musculoskeletal Therapist

Wendy Bruce is a Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer and Musculoskeletal Therapist.

She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in injury rehabilitation, strength and flexibility training, postural and fitness improvement.

If you have injuries or just want to improve your posture and strength Wendy can help.

In a class you will learn to:

  • Balance and control the major muscles in the body
  • Reduce muscle overload and pain
  • Support current injuries and prevent future ones

You will receive a whole body workout that will teach you habits that will assist you in your other fitness activities, day to day chores and postures at work.

Knead Pilates Brisbane classes challenge and supports the body. Its something you can never over train in because it will only bring your body more into balance.With a regular commitment of one to two sessions weekly you will end up with longer, leaner and stronger muscles in your body.

Whatever level you are starting at, if it’s your first time or you have been doing it for years, you will always be challenged with Pilates.
It is a simple but powerful method of movement that can be adjusted for any injury or fitness level.

Come and try a class today.