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Thomas Sims
Remedial Massage Therapist

Brisbane City Massage Therapist. Thomas is a remedial therapist who treats a range of chronic and acute conditions such as RSI, frozen shoulders, neck & back pain. All health fund rebates available.Brisbane City Massage Therapist

Qualifications: Diploma of Remedial Massage

All Health Funds Available on Hicaps

Pathway to Present

Growing up, my mother who worked as a nurse also practiced massage therapy and was passionate about preventative care through complimentary medicine. From my mother I began to develop my own passion for manual therapy and the art of encouraging the body to self heal. Living on a farm I was always used to manual labour and when I moved to the city I worked with tradesmen helping to install air conditioners, build roofs and anything that required heavy lifting. When I began looking into a career I was searching for something that would allow me to continue to work in a manual role and explore the benefits of massage therapy that I have experienced growing up. Remedial massage stood out as it seemed to also fulfil my interest in sport and preventative care. Through my studies I was able to learn the science behind massage and functional anatomy which further fuelled my passion. I believe that I have developed a technique that gives my clients both a relaxing and healing experience.


What are my Treatments like?

My treatments are designed around each individual’s specific goals whether it is to reduce pain and tension, relax or increase range of motion. I will always begin and end my treatments assessing muscle and joint function which acts as a guide in establishing a treatment plan and assessing the impact of the treatment. My massage technique incorporates compressions and effleurage to warm up the muscles before using deeper tissue techniques with my hands, thumbs and elbows. I incorporate stretching and passive movement throughout my treatment and at times engage my clients to resist against my force or contract and move a muscle as I slowly glide across the muscle fibre.  

Who would benefit from my treatments?

I personally believe that everyone would benefit from a massage, particularly people who suffer from musculoskeletal dysfunctions, tensions and/or pain, or anyone that feels the burden of work and home life weighing down on them. Individuals who are looking to reduce recovery time from injury and sporty individuals looking to increase their performance and get back to training as quickly as possible can also benefit greatly from a regular massage

What do I love about remedial massage

I find the human body incredibly fascinating and marvel at its function but I strongly believe that aspects of everyday life have a damaging effect on the body’s ability to function at its optimum level. Not just from posture such as sitting behind a computer day in day out or working hard in a factory labouring but also stress which is a growing concern among health practitioners and becoming a leading cause of illness. What I love about remedial massage is that it works with the body to encourage natural healing processes and is the perfect complementary treatment for reducing stress, pain, tension and increasing function and mobility.


Member of ANTA

Thomas Specialises In

  • Remedial
  • Sports & Deep Tissue
  • Relaxation
  • Stretching

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